My immune system has dropped and I’m getting sick


Ever since Thanksgiving when my grandmother intentionally glutened me, I’ve been feeling yucky. My immune system has dropped and I’m getting sick, have no energy, have bad brain fog and now my legs have been falling asleep.

This happened to me as a kid… Like 9 years before I was ever diagnosed Celiac. My legs fell asleep and I was in the hospital for two days because I couldn’t walk or do anything… Doctors had no idea what caused it. I think it was from gluten now. They guessed it was just growing pains. When I finally got feeling back they had to basically reteach me how to walk and I needed assistance for an entire day.

Has anyone else experienced this? Kinda nerves that it’s going to get worse.

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  1. Do things to boost your immune system and try to not stress yourself out about what could happen, that won’t help matters. Lots of rest, water, good food, low stress. It sounds like your body is freaking out, so go easy on it. (I know it’s hard, nothing but support on this. Be kind to yourself right now and try not to fall into stinking thinking.)

  2. I had some really weird painful cramps in my thighs the other day I never knew it could affect my legs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This happened to me. My jaw both arms and right leg. Thought I was having a stroke. Now when I get glutened (which also happened to me thanksgiving) I get tingling in my legs. It’s a scary feeling

  4. I still can’t get over the sentence “when my grandmother intentionally glutened me” ??

  5. thats so incredibly wrong. why on earth would a family member who cares about you purposly introduce you to something you said makes you very ill? i hope you’re okay!

  6. I would seriously avoiding the person or people that deliberately sabotaged you. You may never know the reason why. Its kind of like having a parent or sibling thats a narc

  7. Narcissist. May I suggest counseling to help you find the tools to cope. Your health is too important to be conatantly stressed out.

  8. That is so frightening that someone would do something like that to someone they care about!! I’m so sorry!! I would look into boosting circulation and nervous systems. Chiropractic and massage are great for both. Magnesium and niacin are other nutrients I would do some research on, to see if it can help you. And if you have been hospitalized for this in the past, it might not be a bad idea to get in to a general practitioner now, so they can try to advice preventative measures. I really hope it doesn’t get worse, what a scary symptom!!

  9. I basically do a detox, lots of water. Like a gallon. And I do juiced smoothies. For a day or two.

  10. Anyone gets vertigo because of being glutened ? I’m sick right now

  11. I was having my arms wrists and hands go numb especially at tonight. It wore off after a while and occasionally happened during the day. That hasn’t happened since a few weeks after I went gluten free.

  12. I would advise you to never eat anything that she makes again!

  13. Oh my God you’re grandmother did it intentionally?

  14. Babe, your Grandma is a toxic person. I would be very careful in your relationship, moving forward. Positively do not eat ANYTHING she has made! Ugghhhh

  15. How do you know she did it intentionally? That’s so wrong!!!

  16. I am so sorry.

  17. Nina Lyons didn’t something similar happen to you?

  18. She knows it’s legit. She didn’t want my daughter dad to come and I asked to invite him. She made a big deal of it and did a pity party and then just said do what you want. I ended up not inviting him.

  19. My grandma rolled her eyes at me and just thought i didnt wanna eat the stuff she made.

  20. Maybe she is celiac and gluten is affecting her brain…

  21. WTH someone did this intentionally!

  22. I got a similar problem before I was diagnosed, which I now believe was caused by my system failure to absorb minerals. Short of iron, magnesium and others. Took a while after going GF to come right. Your body will take a while to get back to normal after being glutened.

  23. It hurts, yes. Makes me feel years older in the joints when glutened.

  24. UGH, sounds like you were GLUTENIZED! Thanksgiving was just practice for you, I hope your December holiday meals won’t be so messy. It just does not make sense for any of us to put ourselves through this health scare each year. Either show up and don’t eat, eat extra carefully, or bring your own food. Be prepared for some of your non-GF family members to get pissed off OR make fun of you. And no pie: not one bite or even a tiny taste. Sorry, Grandma.

  25. Katrina you may need to find a way to avoid visiting your grandmother if she cannot respect your health concerns. At least not eat there at all. It is sad that she is so angry.

  26. Get yourself to a doctor STAT. This is not normal. We had something similar happen and had abnormal EEGs. I don’t want to scare you with what if’s just… go. Today. You need blood work, an internist, and a Neutologist.

  27. Gluten Ataxia. Gluten attacks the nervous system. Check with an experienced Celiac Doctor.

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