My integrative doctor tested me for Celiac disease.


My integrative doctor tested me for Celiac disease. I told him my IBS was getting worse. Everytime I eat a big meal (dinner)..i get pain, gas, and sometimes an attack. The results came back that I have a “genetic predisposition “to Celiac. I took another blood test (which I had to pay for) to find out if I have it or just a sensitivity. Also, read that people.with Celiac also have hypothyroidism. Anybody else have this issue? TY

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  1. The only true test for celiac is a biopsy. Also you cant be gf before the test.

  2. I have IBS but I take Bental for it

  3. I have both

  4. Many people with hashi have celiac disease too. There is a blood test for it that will show the antibodies are reacting to gluten. And, yes you have to be eating gluten for the test to be accurate. Then, to confirm the celiac, a biopsy is required. But – it is good for anyone with hashi to be gluten free, so why not try it?

  5. Hashi's and Celiac are both autoimmune diseases and many times when you have one autoimmune disease you get another, hence many with hahi's have celiac.

  6. There are 14 million with Hashimoto's in the US alone. There are 3 million with celiac in the US. Even if every person with celiac had Hashimoto's (which they don't) that's not a huge overlap at all.

  7. I've been having stomach issues so my doctor put me on bentyl it didn't work but for whatever reason the progesterone she put me on for other issues has stopped my constant bathroom use and I'm having the opposite issue now lol I can't win. I think I'd rather be in the bathroom continuously then the pain you get from not being able to go.

  8. I've also started losing weight since starting progesterone which even with clean eating I wasn't losing an ounce. I'm just scared to use this long term as I've read it can cause cancer

  9. I wasn't happy with the IBS diagnosis as it's a issue I was diagnosied with as a child and NOT Hashimotos. I never experienced so much pain so much I lost job after job. It has to be parasites or something else. My stomach only goes down when I fake fast for 3 or more days, fake fast is just coffee, tea, water, juicing, and a salad or veggies. It takes a few days for 4oz of meat to digest. That is ALOT of time in the body.

  10. Linda, I apologize that this person is making this about her.

    It's not about us, it is about finding a solution to an issue. In my life, I've watched 3 generations before me struggle. And I have observed groups like these for over 10 years. I'm not a doctor. I am a female with Hashimoto. There are many books written by doctors and other patients who share good information. It's about diet, exercise and researching new ideas and ways to make this work for you.

  11. I have celiac (diagnosed almost 10 years ago) and last week was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. That are buddies in the autoimmune world

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