My iron is 54 [40-190] and ferritin is 11 [10-232]


I read some other posts about iron deficiency and did not find answer to my question. My iron is 54 [40-190] and ferritin is 11 [10-232]. What supplement do you recommend? The problem I have is that my iron was always low [most probably something that runs in my family, since my mom has the same issue] and if I get supplements I get constipated very easily….so I just stop the treatment. Anyone had the same problem? What do you take? What dosage do you take? Thank you for your insights!

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  1. Same problem! I take Feosol but I also have to take probiotic and occasionally a laxative.

  2. Ferrous Sulfate 325 and vitamin c to help you digest the ferrous sulfate

  3. I take the SloFe iron and magnesium to help with constipation

  4. Yes, exact same situation. I take nature made 325 ferrous sulfate, garden of life probiotic, and drink tons of water. Eating oranges also helps to move things along! I’m actually having a hysterectomy in December due to my anemia. I have the black circles under my eyes that remain there no matter what I do

  5. Blood builder. You can get it at Whole Foods.

  6. Thank you so much for all of the ideas and sharing your experience! I am considering iron infusion. I will see my doctor next week and ask about it. Thank you!

  7. I take ferrous gluconate 324mg

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