My iron levels were so low at one point


Total green newbie here lol..sorry if this question has been answered many times before.. Can anyone tell me if desicated liver is the only thing recommended to supplement for anemia ?..I’ve gone over many titles in the files and couldn’t find any articles addressing anemia. My iron levels were so low at one point, the doctor said I wasn’t far away from being a candidate for a transfusion.. not that I believe what doctors say lol

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  1. Can you incorporate actually eating liver regularly to your diet? Good tips here

  2. When I was low during pregnancy I also took Floradix

  3. I was anemic for years. Doctors kept prescribing iron, which only gave me constipation, and did nothing for my RBC, etc. Only after getting on Folic Acid, B-1, and B-12, did my RBC count rise.

  4. I am in the same boat , no transfusion threat tho. Do you know what is causing it ? I suspect mine is caused by a mouth full of amalgam and heavy periods which is probably also caused by the amalgam. I am doing the increase your ceruloplasmin protocol found in files and taking desiccated liver with whole food C and blackstrap molasses. I have yet to afford the HTMA tests , but l will ask for another FBC from my GP in 6 months just to see what is what. Good luck.

  5. Here is a comment that Morley Robbins wrote and I copied it in my notes:
    "The blood can ONLY be made "Red" under the following conditions:
    * You can NOT make Heme without bioavailable copper….
    * You can NOT make Hemoglobin without bioavailable copper….
    * You can NOT insert the "free, and PROPERLY Oxidized Iron" via the Ferrochelatase enzyme without bioavailable Copper…
    * You CAN STOP Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 (HIF-1) when there is SUFFICIENT bioavailable Copper…

    We are led to be-LIE-ve that every other person has "Iron deficiency…"
    That is a BOLD FACED LIE…I would suggest that the % that are TRULY ONLY "Iron deficient" is quite different and much smaller than we are led to think. The issue is LOW USABILITY OF THE IRON… I am seeking to WAKE FOLKS UP that there's WAAAAAAY MORE to this IRON story and it involves understanding Copper metabolism and the production of the Protein that REGULATES IRON: CERULOPLASMIN."

  6. This stuff is very hard for me to understand ..I guess because these are all new concepts to me. Should people just supplement with copper then ?

  7. Are low ferritin levels the same as low iron levels and should those test results be ignored ?

  8. Is ceruloplasmin synonymous with iron/ ferritin ? (Thanks for all your patience again !)

  9. Ceruloplasmin is the protein that binds to copper to make it bioavailable to the cells and for making enzymes. Ferritin is the storage protein that stores excess iron in the liver. The Ideal Ferritin level, per Morley is 20-50.

    Per Morley's comment,
    "Iron will gravitate to 4 different places in the search of damaged tissue to lodge and hide…stomach cells, liver cells, limbic region of the brain (anger issues) and certain sites in bone marrow. So the Iron will go there and store, as we are consuming 10x the amount of Iron each day, more than our body can process. So, your copper may be optimal, your ceruloplasmin may be reasonable, but your body is overloaded with Iron and can no longer keep up and needs to start tucking away what it can't process, until a time that it can…
    TIBC and ferritin are the bookends of Iron, and Cp is what keeps it within the centre of those bookends…but even if Cp is optimal and you are putting in more than Cp can process, then it will get stored and make you Iron toxic.."
    The Ideal Serum Iron level for women is 100 ug/dL and for men it is 120 ug/dL

  10. Wow I'm so overloaded with ferritin now according to those numbers ! Perhaps since I spent so many hours as a competitive swimmer when younger in chlorinated water that this messed with my ceruloplasmin levels and thyroid function. I have autoimmune thyroiditis as well as celiac, chronic fatigue and rhumatoid arthritis at this stage of the game.

  11. I am taking screenshots of all your answers and suggestions… thank you so much !

  12. Here is another Morley Robbins comment worth saving for future reference:
    "Please know, the level of your ceruloplasmin is 100x more important than the level of your Ferritin…
    And bogged down livers are usually CHOCK FULL of Iron, as 95% of ALL stored Iron occurs in that organ.

    Let's re-read that again..
    95% of ALL stored Iron is JAMMED in the Liver…Hmmmmm…And where does upwards of 90% of the T4>>T3 conversion occur?…

    In the liver! It does NOT occur in the thyroid!… I sure hope you all knew that. And it begs the question: "Why is ALL the attention placed on our flogged thyroid?!?
    So, if our livers are JAMMED….likely due to too much Iron, NOT Copper please! -the bulk of our thyroid function can NOT occur."

  13. And along with the HTMA, you will have a plan to rebalance your body

  14. Gotcha .. Wow !.. Is there a way to test for levels of iron in the liver ? And is there a way to clear iron from the liver that would be appropriate for someone in my situation do you know Valerie ?

  15. As a side, my daughter reminded me that she feels so much better (and I've noticed the same hundreds of times myself) when she supplements with ferrous fumerate. I'm sure there can be different reasons for this and I'm not at all negating the previous advice, just wondering how this could be when it's so detrimental to health ?

  16. Would milk thistle help ?

  17. Perhaps and I have taken it before and may again though not sure it would have any effect on iron build up in the liver. I do take alpha lipoic acid every night with Low Dose Naltrezone which has a pretty very good track record for battling liver cancer and ALA detoxing other metals..milk thisle probably wouldn't hurt though 🙂

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