My knuckles are getting darker


Hi! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos almost 3 years ago and recently I’ve been noticing that my knuckles are getting darker for no apparent reason. I know they are not dirty because I’ve tried exfoliating them and I wash my hands often and I’m also not exposed to that much sun. Has anyone had this problem?

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  1. I have it on both arms, near elbow.

  2. Nope, haven’t had this problem. It can have various causes.

  3. I have heard it’s adrenal problem.

  4. Thanks for link. Article listed the endo condition Addison Disease, which is adrenal/ cortisol condition. Addison and AI patients posted pixs of this near their elbows, etc. AD/Adrenal Insufficiency serious condition since body can’t function without adequate cortisol.

  5. Yes, Addisons’s Disease is a serious condtion that needs treatment.

  6. I was also going to question Addisons too. Skin discoloration is common with it. They will often have and excessive tanned look to their skin especially in areas where the creases and folds are.

  7. Here’s an article that explains the important difference between adrenal “fatigue” which has become kind of a catch-all diagnosis these days, and actual adrenal insufficiency aka Addison’s.

  8. I have this same problem!

  9. I’m not a doctor but was researching pre diabetes for myself and darker skin on knuckles is a sign…something you want to consider when you bring this up to your dr…

  10. Yup, it can be due to many different things.

  11. Interesting, my 11 year old son has this and we’ve tried everything. I’ll have to talk to his doctor about these other possibilities.

  12. Ive had dark knuckles all my life no biggie

  13. Sometimes it’s just genetic.

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I’m ruling out genetic because nobody in my family has it, and it just started a few weeks ago for me. I’ve also been checking my sugars closely because my dad has diabetes and my mom is pre diabetic. I might go to a dermatologist because I saw my endocrinologist this week and she didn’t know anything about it 😕 I’ll read those articles anyways, thank you!

  15. Have someone look at the back of your neck. If it’s back there too then I would be thinking diabetes.

  16. You can get dark knuckles from friction, over washing and just plain dry skin, along with sun exposure.

  17. Addison disease

  18. My endo said it is an insulin issue and untreated leads to diabetes. I went off sugar and it cleared up. When I have sugar like a soda etc more than one my knuckles will start to get dark again. So I just eliminate sugar and only have it in natural foods such as fruit but limit my fruit intake.

  19. This is adrenal, not Hashis, in fact look up Addison’s, very common, I found most of my issues were adrenal and not thyroid

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