My last blood draw I tested negative for celiac!!!


Woohoo!!! My last blood draw I tested negative for celiac!!!!! My gut will actually be able to heal now, 3 years gluten free to get a test that had normal results! Must be doing something right ??? I knew yall might be the only ppl on the planet to understand my happiness ?

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  1. I know how you feel. My last blood draw was negative also! It is a great feeling! 🙂

  2. But I assume you will still need to be on a GF diet, correct? Because there’s no cure for celiac disease? In any case this is great news!

  3. You know they cannot detect gluten intolerance unless you eat the gluten? Then it never goes away because it is an allergy…..sorry but eating gluten free does not help you for the test.

  4. That’s wonderful!!

  5. Do you eat out or do you cook mostly at your own house

  6. Good for you!

  7. I’ve tested positive for celiac through blood and endoscopy. I will have it for the rest of my life. Because I’ve had so little cross contamination and have eaten strictly gluten free my blood is finally free of the antibodies going crazy (hence testing negative) . I am not actually cured if this is what you assume I’m saying. But until your blood tests negative your gut cannot begin to heal from the damage you caused before you knew. It took almost 3 years of dedication and trial and error to get my body back to square one. Now I can begin to prevent those other terrible terrible diseases that come along with all that damage done to the gut because I’m finally on the road to repair it. Yay!

  8. How long do the antibodies stay in your blood after consuming gluten?

  9. Congratulations good to know there’s an upside to this.

  10. Mine are always low but my biopsies are positive

  11. congrats and good luck and the people who have caeliac do understand it 🙂

  12. Congratulations!

  13. The rewards of dedication!👍

  14. can that happen?!?!?! Tell me more!

  15. Happy for your news! An FYI that I learned the hardway…gluten intolerance has no test itself. Causes same reactions to gluten, and person tests neg for CD. Folks with thyroid issues have to be extra careful, as Gluten mimics T3 receptors, the only thyroid hormone every cell in our bodies need, and T3 cites will be blocked, filled with gluten. They even put gluten filler in some thyroid meds!

  16. Happy for you. I know it is not easy

  17. Truly amazing and you have only yourself to thank because YOU DID THAT!!!!

  18. I was told you have to eat gluten and not be gluten free for blood test to be accurate

  19. How did you knew that you are free from caeliac now? Other than tests.

  20. Muby Malik that is the only way\n…. I will never be free of celiac….testing negative ONLY means that there is no trace of gluten harming my body anymore! My GI dr told me I tested negative…. It doesn’t mean it’s gone away….it’s just not hurting me anymore!!

  21. Congratulations and GOD BLESS YOU

  22. Congrats to you! What were your numbers?

  23. 1!!!!!! They were over 100 when I found out!!!

  24. Congratulations

  25. That’s awesome. I think we’re doing something wrong. We just got follow up blood work done and my daughter is still at 96 and needs to be under 30. 🙁 Of course, the test topped out at 100, so we’re not sure how much over that she was. I was really hoping we were closer than that because it’s been so hard!

  26. It’s only as hard as you make it Farrah Hashaw!!! It was so hard for me when I first started! Now….it’s second nature! I honestly don’t think about it so much….as a mamma that has 2 already gluten free….and another that just tested positive :/ you learn what works! My two youngest don’t even realize they are eating gluten free all the time!!! ❤️❤️ hugs mamma!!!! If you have any questions or need ideas about kid friendly foods that that maybe I can help with pm me!!! I would love to give you my insight if you need it!

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