My lips have recently been more red


Weird question: my lips have recently been more red, almost flushed looking. Someone actually made a comment about them. I had no lipstick on at the time. Does that indicate anything, or would you think it’s a good/bad thing?

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  1. Could be hormones. But I really don't know. *waves* I'm in abq too!

  2. The weather "winter"

  3. Good thing! It means your adrenals are functioning better!!

  4. Danielle Leann–is it still a good thing if it's so red it looks like I'm wearing lipstick??

  5. Cassie–Hi!! 🙂

  6. Wind burned or chapped?

  7. I think so… Imagine the rosy pout of babies and little kids… That's how we should look too.

  8. Lisa–no, not chapped at all!

  9. Mine get like that also


    My lips were so pale and I read it was a sign for adrenal fatigue which I was at stage 3 at the time. Since starting the adrenal cocktail and magnesium my lips have come back pink again!

  10. When I'm properly hydrated my lips are full and colorful. I think it has to do with minerals getting where they belong. For me anyway.

  11. I don't really mind it except someone commented asking if I was wearing red lipstick

  12. I've read that redening lips is a sign that a health crisis has passed, a food sensitivity has been eliminated, or something that was taxing your health, like a a toxin is behind you and you are now healthier.

  13. Red lips are a good sign. It's a sign the opposite sex looks for when choosing a mate. That's why so many wear lipstick!

  14. Dehydrated? Too much salty foods?

  15. My lips were really pale when I had anemia. Much better now. So for me it's a good sign.

  16. My get red when I'm dehydrated and on the verge of having some very chapped lips.

  17. No! My daughter is having all sorts of thyroid and throat issues. She's only 7 years old. One of her symptoms is red, inflamed lips. I do not think that is normal. She's not chapped and/or windburned either.

  18. My 5 year old daughters lips get very red – not chapped, inflamed or anything- right before she gets sick.

  19. Like a day or 2 before

  20. Been kissing someone ALOT?

  21. Sarah Philley haha no

  22. Are you doing SOLE or other salt remedies?

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