My Mag Water (Mg bicarbonate) Recipe


My Mag Water (Mg bicarbonate) recipe:
How to Make Mag Water (Magnesium Bicarbonate)


one liter of plain sparkling water, carbonated water, or Seltzer water, optionally soda water.

45ml (3 T) of plain Milk of Magnesia containing about 1500 mg of elemental Magnesium

(Optional: Mg oxide or Mg hydroxide powder equalling 1500mg of elemental Magnesium)

This recipe can be doubled. Use a two liter bottle of sparkling water and 90ml of MoM


• Chill the one liter bottle of sparkling water

• Measure out the 45ml of plain Milk of Magnesia (MoM)

• Slowly open the sparkling water to minimize loss of carbonation

• Pour a bit into a glass (two to three ounces) to allow more headroom

• Slowly, very slowly, trickle in the 45ml of MoM

• Cap the bottle

• Shake with vigor

• Let it settle until clear

• Shake with vigor again

The sides of the plastic bottle may pull in a bit and this is OK. There may be some white residue on the bottom of the bottle and this is OK, too. The residue is unconverted MoM.

The Mag Water concentrate should now be ready to use.

To Use:

Each ounce of the MagWater concentrate contains about 45mg of elemental Magnesium.

Pouring the liter of the concentrate into a gallon jug and filling it with water is the conventional method of preparing a Mag Water dilution for use.

This Mag Water, diluted, can be enjoyed throughout the day to provide a small steady stream of both Magnesium and bicarbonate.

It can be flavored to suit your taste or added to other beverages.

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Answers ( 46 )

  1. How much Mag Water can I drink i during the day?

  2. Do we know if the one pictured above is safe to use on underarms? I heard it can be used as a natural deodorant wondering if there are other positive effects to using it transdermally in that area. Or if the sodium hypochlorite negates any benefits.

  3. What an extremely timely post … i was tidying my Magnesium and co-factor cupboard this morning to fit in some new Bee Pollen .. oh yes, i need a whole cupboard -in actual fact i probably need a room but as ive just downsized to a one bed cottage thats not going to happen … anyway, i came across a small bag of Mg hydroxide powder and wondered what on earth id brought that for … and now i remember – to make Mag water … coz i can't find MOM in the UK without any added nasties. So please MJ, how do i add this to the bottle, should it be mixed with a small amount of water before adding?

  4. MJ, do you advise that the final product be refrigerated? Or does it matter?

  5. Perfecr timing

  6. Crap- I just made my mag water with mom from the dollar store. It says it's magnesium hydroxide 1200mg. But in the inactive ingredients it says sodium hypochlorite. Is that the one with bleach that we shouldn't use?

  7. This is something I have not done yet. So it's only sparkling water and mom ? Easy I don't really like carbonated water, but my daughter loves it since she only gets water everyday. It's a treat to her ️

  8. Can you use sparkling water, carbonated water, or Seltzer water in glass instead of plastic?

  9. Do you literally sip on this all day as your normal water intake? Or is that too much?

  10. MJ, is there a recommended amount or amount not to exceed daily of this?

  11. Here's Dr Davis's info / recipe for Mg water with detailed info. He recommends 4 oz / twice daily taken as is, with no flavorings as it interfere with the reaction.

  12. thanks this is great!!!!!!

  13. Saved and thank you for sharing MJ️️️️ I keep learning every day and just started the adrenal cocktail daily. I do the spray at night already too.

  14. Can we add this to alkaline water ?

  15. I accidentally bought the cherry flavor. Will it matter if I use this? I've already opened it.

  16. The above article says the favor interferes

  17. Does one need to worry about the phosphorous in the sparkling water? My Chiro had told me that women have should no more than one carbonated beverage a month to prevent leeching of minerals from the bones. I don't drink anything carbonated anymore after hearing that.

  18. i'll try the MOM next time….. oxide isn't working

  19. I've been putting it in my kombucha sure hope that is okay cuz I haven't been able to figure out how else to stomach it…. lol

  20. Very interesting. Nice info. Sincerely, Dr. Chuck

  21. I am going to try this

  22. Can I just buy Donat or Mivela?
    Do they have enough bicarbonate?

  23. my MOM says 1TBL is 1200mg

  24. Can you add the ready mag water to carbonated water?

  25. MJ Hampstead I got Phillips MoM it says 1200 mg of mag in each 15ml. You say 1500 in 45ml.. please explain so I can keep track on my intake

  26. Just bought MoM it says 1200 mg magnesium hydroxide in 15ml. But under other info it says 595 mg magnesium in 15ml. I want to be sure that I base my measurements correctly to make mag water for my kids. I'm assuming I look at the 595mg of magnesium in 15ml as the amount of magnesium? My son is 66 pounds so I'm thinking I'll make him a liter of carbonated water with about 8ml of MoM? Does that seem correct?

  27. Is it ok to use sparkling mineral water?

  28. Do you use this in addition to other magnesium supplements (jigsaw or whatever)?

  29. Does the water HAVE to be chilled? I've already opened the bottle unchilled.

  30. I memorized the recipe wrong and have been using 3 oz of MOM. No wonder it was so hard to get it clear. I did manage it a few times though.

  31. Anyone know where to get MOM in Adelaide (Australia)? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Iherb has Phillips brand, but that has sodium hypochlorite. Anything I can use instead? I've read protocol, just checking- is this as well as the other recommended magnesium's or instead?

  32. I bought the Perrier water in a glass bottle…is that okay?

  33. Is it safe and not explode?

  34. MJ Hampstead thank you for your persistence with all topics RCP – we have not done the mag water b/c my first trial was gross. Your deep explanation and suggestions on how to hide in other drinks made it work out – I made some today and put just about an ounce in my yoga water bottle and didn't taste it. It'll be just fine now that I do not have to drink the bottom white crap to get the goods.

  35. MJ. The recipe says this is a concentrate and to
    Mix with on gallon of
    Water. How much should you drink
    Daily once you have diluted with water? Or better yet, how much elemental magnesium daily is ideal if using the full protocol?

  36. I finally received in the mail 1 kilo Magnesium Hydroxide by Bulk Supplements. I would really appreciate if someone could verify my math for me. I added 3/8 teaspoon (1/8 tsp = 518 mg) to one liter of carbonated water and followed the recipe instructions. It did become clear, but the water is still carbonated. Is this supposed to be the situation? If not, what might have gone wrong? If, instead of adding it to a gallon of water, I add 1/4 of a cup of it to 3/4 cup of regular water, am I getting a reasonable amount of magnesium bicarbonate – one ounce (~30 gr) of concentrate contains 45 gr of elemental magnesium – so two ounces (~60 gr or 1/4 cup) contains 90 grams of elemental magnesium? Please! Thanks!

  37. I hope this doesn't sound stupid but do we keep mixing in the residue of uncoverted MoM in the bottom of the bottle as we drink it or keep it settled and toss it out?

  38. Can i use Perrier watter? I havce hydroxide mag, (don't have mom) so if I understand well, first I put my bottle of sparkling water in the fridge, i pour 3 tsp of hydroxide mag in it, I shake it. But this water I can't drink it, I'll have to take just few of it, is it correct? (how mush?)

  39. Anna Belle…. i found this! (recipe above^)

  40. Stephanie Kepley thanks 🙂 you are such an awesome and caring friend

  41. MJ Hampstead So is it 45 mg after adding the liter to the gallon jug?

  42. Can I use this mag water as a. Body spray?

  43. MJ, after the MoM is absorbed and the mag water is ready, does it need to continue to be refrigerated until it is done being consumed? Thanks

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