My main issue is the fatigue


Hello Everyone!

New to the group, was diagnosed with Hashi about a mth ago. Currently on Levo 50mg and was told I will be feeling good as new. (Still waiting for that feeling)

My main issue is the fatigue. Also been experiencing extremely neck pain as well as headaches for about a week or so. Should I be concerned??

I just feel completely lost, overwhelmed and alone in this unexpected journey.


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  1. I felt like a whole new person 10yrs ago after finally getting treatment. Things were going fine up until a couple years ago but being tested for possible other autoimmune disorder. My thyroid is good as long as my levels remain stable. You will begin to learn your own body & know when things get out of whack. There is hope. Just ask, ask, ask questions of your Dr. & start keeping copies of your labs. Find a Dr. who will work with you, not against you & if you go to other Dr.’s for any other health concerns be sure they understand you have Hashimoto’s & not “just” “hypothyroidism” as I’ve learned the hard way it affects SO many other things. Wishing you health and wellness!

  2. Yesenia, it takes 3 months for your dosage to fully build up in your blood. They can’t even retest you for 6-8 weeks to get an idea where you are with it- you do you have follow-up labs scheduled, don’t you? 50mcg is a starter dose, they start you off there & build you up to a maintenance dose, typically 100-125. I can remember that I continued to experience relief of symptoms a few months after I hit my maintenance dose, things I never connected. Be patient, there are better days ahead! And you’re not alone, you’re in good company, you’ve got all of us 🙂

  3. Hi welcome, your not alone, fatigue is my battle also and memory fog.. I had my Vitamin D and Iron checked both were low.. I also requested I be switched from levothyroxine to Armour.. I feel so much better on Armour.. And 20 lbs just dropped off

  4. Headaches also improved with the switch

  5. Meds give ya headaches sum times n yes research get complete blood panel it checks iron n vit d n stuff read hashimoto thyroiditis get to root of it is good book n write symptoms down do your own research have u had adrenals checked they work w thyroid n takes awhile get levels up but dont be afraid to say so if after couple months meds are not working is several kinds n heard generic not as kind as non generic xoxo

  6. I would add also ask your doctor to check your vitamin b12 at your follow up labs. B12 deficiency is fairly common and also causes fatigue.

  7. Your not alone. It will take time for your levels to become optimal. It is very important to take vitamins. I take a multi-vitamin B complex Vit D magnesium and a good probiotic. Ask your Dr to check these levels.

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