My mom has celiac


Question: i am not celiac or anything like that but tomorrow is my sons birthday and my mom has celiac what are some things i can make for her to eat?

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  1. Strawberries & whipped cream!!!

  2. Fruit salad, gf cake mix, anything with whip cream

  3. Banana bread,

  4. I saw this one earlier it’s gf, it uses oats just be sure they’re gf as well I can pay the recipe if you’d like it’s I think only 4 ingredients

  5. chips and salsa, guacamole

  6. Is your mom comfortable with eating stuff you’ve made? I only ask because I know I won’t eat anything someone else has made, even something my own mom has made, because they need to understand Celiac and food allergies, and how to prevent C.C.

  7. Nacho dips. tostito chips are gluten free. Just make sure to get GF Salsa.

  8. My kids love making fresh fruit kabobs and everyone loves fruit!

  9. I can give you a gluten free cake recipe if you want

  10. The Pilsbury gf cake mixes are so good. I made it to go with the regular cake…. there were 3 of us that can’t have gluten and we didn’t feel deprived.

  11. You have to worry about cross contamination if cooking in your kitchen

  12. Trust me my mom is my WORLD I’m not gonna do anything that can or will hurt her that’s why I’m here asking for IDEAS on what i can make for her or get the stuff so she can cook it

  13. Fruits and veggies, corn, rice , potatoes, . Be careful of mixed seasoning sometimes they are not gluten Free. Any Meat is fine with salt and pepper . On Pinterest there are lots of gluten free dinner ideas and dessert I just made a chocolate créame pie

  14. Thank you everyone

  15. If it were me the thing I would appreciate most is having chips set aside where no one can touch and contaminate them along with whatever dip you have (if they’re gf of course). Personally when others try to have food for me I prefer it to be packaged and for me to open it (such as corn chips, glutino Oreo cookies, etc) so that I know for sure that it hasn’t been contaminated by either other people’s hands or by baking/cooking dishes. Hope that is helpful 🙂

  16. Thank you everyone! Unfortunately my mom couldn’t make it to the party due to her being sick. So we made all of our food first. Cleaned and disinfectant everything then made her pasta salad

  17. Just wanted to say your a very sweet daughter, not every mom is that lucky to have such support.

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