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Good morning. I know the info is probably somewhere already, so I apologize for not looking harder before asking. I am just overwhelmed and keep meaning to read but……here is my question. My mom has dementia. She has deteriorated quickly since Oct after a very slow progression 4 years. Her sleep pattern us, a mess. She is not sleeping well. Almost manic at times in the evening. Should I be checking magnesium? Any advice?

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  1. Yes…it's stops metal getting into the brain but get the tests recommended on this site…only 1% of magnesium is in the blood.

  2. My Mum had a stroke 2 years ago and is in a Nursing home. I don't have much chance of getting testing done or getting them to approve supplements. I've made magnesium lotion and she's been getting that most days. Within 1 week of use she's sitting up better and her eyes are opening more. When I saw her a week ago she didn't really know who I was. This time she recognized me straight away and was able to have a conversation, wanted to put her teeth in (which she did) and was able to feed herself a couple of Roses chocolates that I bought her. It's the best improvement she's had since she had her stroke.

  3. The first time I applied the lotion her leg on her weakest side started twitching within a couple of minutes and she started moving both of her legs. She usually just lays there not moving.

  4. Coconut oil is meant to be good for dementia.
    Can bake with it. As well as the Mag

  5. She needs magnesium

  6. I second adding coconut oil to her diet on top on the mag. Coconut oil I'm smoothies is delicious

  7. Hugs and prayers for you Sherrie Ca. My mom went through this in the past years with her mom.

  8. I would use magnesium, but also check out Coconut Health on Facebook, they have some good information about dementia patients improving after utilising coconut oil. Best of luck!

  9. Have you looked at her Ceruloplasmin levels plus copper iron and zinc levels. Too much copper and or iron can cause dementia when it starts collecting in the brain.

  10. I make fat bombs for my mom. They have coconut oil, good chocolate (high cacao, no soy), organic peanut butter (contains only peanuts and sea salt), vanilla and a little maple syrup. It's like fudge, and she loves it. Gotta feed the brain what it needs. 🙂

  11. Also look into B12 injections

  12. Coconut oil, make my mom smoothies and put it in

  13. Thank you all for your wonderful solutions. Question–how much coconut oil is recommended? I gave my mom a teaspoon yesterday but I am sure more is needed, right? Also, I put some calming cream on my mom I will work on getting testing done and looking at the recipes, etc given here. I will say that last night my mom went to bed in her bed and was still asleep in the morning. She hasn't slept in her bed for months and has been up wandering during the night. Cautiously keeping fingers crossed taht we have some good nights while I figure this out.

  14. Sherrie Ca I've had MANY of my family in nursing homes. There is a staff dr. Get to know the dr. Request the bloodwork. If dr. Gets crabby bout it, cite:
    " patient rights" just those words will get them to sit up n pay attention.
    Than you can ask the dr. that the staff be instructed to use the Maggie you provide…

    I was allowed to give my DH vit. C in a major NYC hosp. The dr noticed the diff. and said, "why is his mucus full of blood"…I said, no vit C therapy. I give him at least 5 grams a day. Order was written to accept my vit C and disburse as directed by his wife. Who knew I was giving the wrong C. But, even ascorbic acid powder reduced is symptoms.

  15. In regards to coconut for dementia, look up Alzheimers Disease, What if there was a cure? By Mary T Newport MD

  16. How's your mom Sherrie?

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