My Mom is fighting Cancer of the Vaginal area


I have a question for anyone in the group that may have info or advice. My Mom is fighting Cancer of the Vaginal area, Invasive Squamous Cell carcinoma which they say is very rare. It is most likely caused from the previous radiation that she went thru for her past cancer treatment. She has been doing anything that she can holistically to fight the cancer. Her problem has been that she cant seem to get the pain under control. She has used Cannabis Oil in the past and is going to try it again. Her question is how to figure out the dosage for Cancer Pain Management. Does anyone here have any experience or advice on how to figure this out. She has been trying to figure these things out on her own since she does not have a holistic Doctor to help her. Any advice on this or other things that can help with pain relief would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. acupuncture can get the pain well under control

  2. Thanks Anna Barbarzak that is a great idea!

  3. Contact Dr Robert Morse ND. He is very helpful and amazing person. I love his herbs and his teachings.

  4. Thanks Teri Askew, that is a great idea. I think she is planning on mixing it with coconut oil and putting it in pill form. She does need help sleeping too, but does not want to be totally out of it.

  5. Have her use vaginal suppositories of FECO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil, extracted using food grade alcohol. If the cannabis oil she's using is extracted using an industrial solvent (isopropyl, naptha, butane), you might want to rethink it. Just my opinion, but they are industrial solvents – not healthy. Not to mention considering the sensitivities of the vag canal… :-/

    She will not feel the head high with this route either but it will ease pain and fight the cancer. You want the FECO in direct contact with the cancer and what better way than vag suppositories?

    Make the suppositories using organic coconut oil and be sure the FECO has a good THC:CBD ratio.

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