My naturopath wants me on 6000mg a day of D3/K2


Question: my naturopath wants me on 6000mg a day of D3/K2. Since the highest mg is 1000, is it ok to take all 6 pills at once? I’m sorry, I forgot to ask and don’t feel like calling.

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  1. You don't need as much K2 as D3. Usually about half as much . An excellent book is The Miraculous Results of Vitamin D3' by Jeff T. Bowles.

  2. Yeah she told me I do need the k2 with it that that is very important. As I know of I do not have cancer I am still looking to find what this lump is in my stomach I have an ultrasound appointment in the meantime with all the blood work that I've had done the urine and saliva, it was determined all these different supplements I need to take right now where I was low.

  3. You can get higher MG than 1000

  4. well i was on 10,000 units vit d a day and before the doctor told me this i had just bought the 1000 vit d pills.yup so i took ten pills till i used all of them 🙂 lol

  5. I buy the d3 in 2000 mg. I don't think you want that much k2

  6. Donna Sandberg – I was ordered to take 25,000 mg of D3 per day. Yes, D3 definitely comes in higher doses. I have the 10,000 mg liquid capsules by Solgar brand. I also had 5,000 mg pills by the same company. They are all very tiny, but – and this applies to Nicola Enstrom too – it is far easier to buy the larger dose bottle. I have tried many brands but now I would not take anything else other than Solgar. So your naturopath is very smart, but if you have cancer or if your reading is low, 6,000 per day is probably not enough. For a cancer patient you need to raise your D level to between 90 and 100 but not over 100. Heart condition patients need a 60. Healthy people should keep their reading at at least 50.

  7. only 6000 D3 I take 30,000 iu's daily. if you live in the northern hemisphere you need a lot in the winter months.

  8. Such amazing stuff when taken together. If you get your vitamin d level right up.. After a few months try going in the sun without suntan lotion.. U won't get burned.. One of the coolest benefits!

  9. thanks….needed me some edumacation.. 🙂

  10. Ja I take mine all together too, no neg effects so far. I'm taking 20 000 iu per day

  11. yes, it's OK. It's what most people do

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