My NP just put me on magnesium citrate.


My NP just put me on magnesium citrate. Now I’m reading here that’s not a good type. Thoughts?

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  1. Do you have a specific question? If you search 'magnesium citrate' here, you'll find the discussion on why it's not so great. Also the files.

  2. It doesn't raise your magnesium RBC. It's used as a bowel cleanse.

  3. It's a laxative. In small doses it won't lift your Mg and in larger will help keep water in your gut- if you have a problem there.

  4. … it can also lower Ceruloplasmin, and that is not good.

  5. FYI this is what citrate does to your body Here is Morley Robbins new statement on magnesium citrate: I'm a coming… 😉

    Two principle reasons:
    1) The Citrate molecule irritates the bowel and prevents sufficient time for the Mg to get absorbed…
    2) The Citrate molecule CAUSES the Ceruloplasmin protein to LOSE it's enzyme function…

    Hope that clarifies my earlier comment…

  6. I guess my question is what is cerulopsamin?

  7. Ceruloplasmin, a glycoprotein produced in the liver, carries or transports more than 95 percent of the copper in blood plasma. It also helps process iron. It is also an enzyme. Ceruloplasmin gets low it keeps your body from absorbing iron no matter how much you take in. Not correct terminology but basic way of putting it.

  8. Take Mg Glysinate, check the STTM BOOKS

  9. I take Magnesium Taurate

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