My OB/GYN put me on Magnesium


My OB/GYN put me on Magnesium when I was pregnant with my second child. My first pregnancy I was toxic and delivered almost 3 weeks early…My new GYN had done extensive research on the magnesium and told me on my first visit to take magnesium and I would not get toxic and I would carry full term…My daughter was born 3 days past my due date and I had no toxicity at all…..I should add that my daughter is now 30 yrs old…

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. what kind did he put you on?

  3. great Doctor

  4. IV Magnesium sulfate is given to OB patients with pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. Works to to bring down blood pressure and helps to prevent seizures.

  5. Thats awesome! Can u share which mag? How much? How often? Congrats!

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, glad all ended well xx

  7. wow. What type of mag did u take amd how much?

  8. Just contacted my dr. office to see what he had recommended….It was Chetaled 40 IU's 1 daily but for the first week 2 daily if you are mag deficient for the first week and then back to 1 daily.

  9. Thanks. I lost a baby a few weeks ago and I am interested in knowing about this. X

  10. Here is part of on article I found with some of Dr. Weaver's research…I just copied a small part of the article…PREGNANCY, HEADACHES AND BONES Preeclampsia – a sudden rise of blood pressure in pregnancy – is also related to magnesium. Doctors began using magnesium sulfate to forestall the convulsions and death of full-blown eclampsia at least 80 years ago. As a young physician, Weaver – who practices in Johnson City, Tenn. – wondered why the mineral worked so well. "It occurred to me that perhaps magnesium, which stopped the final convulsions, was decreasing the basic problem in preeclampsia and eclampsia – relaxing the arteries and decreasing the stickiness of the platelets.

    " His blood work on women already ill bore him out. To test his theory further, he fed 12 pregnant Finnish ewes – which have multiple births and so more physical stress – diets with and without magnesium. The six that got magnesium were normal. Of the six that did not, one died and the other five were hypertensive. Chasing 200-pound pregnant ewes around a corral in the heat of summer is taxing, and Weaver developed migraines. He measured his sweat and found it contained excessive amounts of lost magnesium. He dosed himself with magnesium and knocked out the headaches. His theory: The replaced mineral was able to control the cellular affairs involved in "the vascular spasm and platelet interaction" of migraines, Weaver says.

  11. Nicole Twynham you can google Kenneth Weaver, MD and also type in research….it will bring up quite a few articles he has on Mag and pregnancy…

  12. Can you share doctors name?
    Also what tests were done to determine the toxicity?

  13. Do you remember how much he put you on?

  14. Not sure if you answered that sorry !

  15. F pregnancy hypertension from last baby , want to avoid it for next time

  16. Thanks for this! I had pregnancy hypertension with my first pregnancy and pre-eclampsia with my second. I've been a bit gunshy after this about trying for a third baby. I'll have to look in to this!

  17. Are you referring to preeclampsia JoAnn Hopson Crowe?

    It used to be called toxemia but doesn't mean you're "toxic" 🙂

  18. Good question Katherine! Since I still can't get how were toxins measured? Which tests? Please excuse!

  19. There were no toxins, per se. 🙂

  20. I was referring to toxic , I know there is some typo 🙂

  21. What a wonderful story to read. THANKS. So happy for you and baby.

  22. It's so good to read some Dr.'s are promoting magnesium. Feeling overjoyed about that.

  23. Toxic. .what does that mean?

  24. Magnesium also detoxes so they might help create a more vital environment for the baby.

  25. Awesome. I took magnesium to stop prodromal labor with my second two!

  26. What type of Magnesium?

  27. Doesn't Germany prescribe magnesium to pregnant mums to prevent complications??

  28. If 17 weeks how can I add mag into my diet / can I use the spray on my feet at nighttime or do y'all think a pill will be ok

  29. that doc was ahead of his time!

  30. Randi Redmon Mjos this might interest you.

  31. This should be front page news. Who's your doc?

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