My only symptom is weakness.


Ok…I have been GF for a month now. I am not sure I am even allergic to it. I eliminated it to see is my symptoms changed any.
I can not tell it has help me one bit.
If you are allergic…can you tell me what your symptoms are and how long it took for them to go away when you stop eating it.
My only symptom is weakness. So bad I can’t function on a daily basis. I have hurt more since I stoped it than I did while eating it.

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  1. I had immediate relief and lost 20 pounds the first month from water weight.

  2. If you dont think you feel better,go back and eat it… That was always the tell tale for me.

  3. Have you gotten your iron levels checked out? I was so exhausted all the time like sleep all day kind of tired and after serval blood test it confirmed I had iron deficiency.

  4. I'm just stating week 4 of an elimination diet, I haven't noticed a single change in the symptoms that prompted the diet.

  5. I think I may have the same/similar symptom. I get dizzy almost but its not like a spinning dizzy kind a lightheaded low blood pressure type of dizzy. I get weak and have trouble focusing. I havent been able to go entire gf but I have cut down a lot. My blood test for celiac came back normal. Im still waiting on biopsy results. Idk what it is but its truly debilitating. You are not alone.

  6. I have an allergic reaction, I break out in a rash, my throat closes up and I bloat up. I also have digestive issues.

  7. I have hashimotos. Before I started the meds I was really tired all the time.

  8. I did a 30 day detox followed by clean eating. No dairy, meats, processed gluten. Then I had a binge day actually 3 and ate all of what I've avoided since 12/31 and BOOM my legs from my knees down swollen. Can you say kankles! My calves so swollen and tingly. I'm assuming it's a gluten reaction but because I consumed so many different types of food in a short period of time hard to pin point. Back on the clean eating train as of Friday so next time before jumping off the cliff into binge land I'll reintroduce slowly and individually. But for now…..i'll eat GF! 🙂

  9. Dizzy-ness after eating gluten. Had nausea after eating for most of my life. Shakiness and IBS-D and extreme fatigue. I've been gluten free for over 10 years now (no one had even hardly heard of it when I started). It took me about a good year being gluten-free to start feeling better.

  10. Sound to me like you are detoxing. It takes you body 90 days to fully adjust. But if you have been off of it for over 30 days by all means put it back in and see how you feel. If you feel awful again cut it back out.
    Just remember it takes a while to heal you did not get ill over night and your body cannot heal over night.
    I have been grain free since 2014 and I still have days when I cannot get out of bed because I hurt so bad. I have been gluten free for oh about 20 years.

  11. I'm assuming you have got major blood work to check thyroid levels, iron levels, vitamin D deficiency? All can make you feel weak.

  12. Truthfully, I went GF cause my doc told me I needed to in order to get better. About a year in, I got serious about being dairy free also. Gradually, I noticed that my long term problems with eye itchiness and blurry vision were improved. About a year after that, I accidentally ate a food with a large amount of dairy in it and within 20 minutes my eyes were itching so badly!!! My point is that for me, itchiness was a symptom that I could easily identify and track.

  13. Check out FODMAP or Lectin. Both are linked to IBS and there are things to avoid that aren't on most elimination diets.

  14. Fever, bloating, upset stomach

  15. Are you eating more of something else since you cut gluten? When I first cut it, I was eating a lot of hummus and as it turns out, the culprit at the time was sesame, so things were getting worse, until I ran out of hummus lol. We eventually figured it out.

  16. Constant gassy rumbles and gurgles that continue around the clock. Took about a month and a half for me to notice the change.

  17. Teresa Barnes Weaver Do you eat dairy? I eliminated both and my iron absorption is way better. I have a lot more energy. I did Food Detective intolerance test at home, as it's the easiest way to check.

  18. Digestive issue, vomiting and tiredness

  19. It can take 6 months for gluten to leave your system..

  20. Every body is different, but I would think you could feel some change or improvement. For me it is brain fog, fatigue, bloatedness, inflammation, and headache. Definitely try eating clean, whole foods if you aren't already. That should help too.

  21. I get hives and eczema. It takes about a week. It takes one day for it to come back of I eat it

  22. I didn't see results till around my 3rd month. Takes awhile. You've been eating gluten all your life. Won't be complete flushed after just 30 days.

  23. I quit sugar. Made a Huge difference in my energy levels

    to track down msg in food which is

  25. I read it can take months before you notice a difference in how you feel. I have been gluten free for 2 months and think I am having less fibromyalgia flare ups. I accidentally ate gluten two times and flared up for 2 weeks. It was no fun. My mom has Celiac and I know it runs in families. I tested negative but my mom found out she had it in her early 70's and she was tested 5 years ago and was fine. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and that is my other motivation to go gluten free.

  26. Have you looked into adrenal fatigue?

  27. I literally don't have any energy for people like that. I look at them for a long stare and just walk away. Can't fix stupid.

  28. Brain fog and return of my Hashimoto's symptoms- fatigue, fog, clumsy/randomly dropping things, anxiety.
    On top of that bad rumbling/GI distress.

  29. Just had my son tested for allergies and he has an intolerance to gluten and dairy. They said it takes 10 days of a dairy/gluten free diet to remove all symptoms. His symptoms are diarrhoea, gas and stomach aches.

  30. I am allergic to wheat rye and milk so I'm doing gluten free wheat free dairy free and sugar free because I had rny gastric bypass in 2013. It has been a month and I can tell a huge difference. Lost 19 pounds and fibro pain is so much better not to mention night sweats are gone

  31. That may not be your problem. I'm not allergic but I am intolerate and I saw a huge diff in the first week. So if you can't tell then it's prob not that

  32. I would go to a dr. Weakness can be a sign of soooooo many different things. Maybe get some bloodwork done. Could be thyroid or a slew of different things

  33. Mine is for digestive- stomach issues and IBS

  34. Sometimes it is hard to tell if any symptoms were resolved until you reintroduce the food. If/when you reintroduce the foods, I suggest that you keep a food journal for when/what/how much you eat and when/what/and how severe any possible symptoms were. In addition, if you have cut all gluten sources, please remember that each source of gluten could have a difference in allergic symptoms. I have an allergic reaction to wheat. I do not get the same reactions to barley although I at least have reactions to large portions of barley, but those reactions could be caused by having a large portion of food with lots of fiber.. I haven't gone back to see if I can tolerate small amounts of barley and so far keep to gf because that will include almost all things wheat.

  35. I'm feeling better after 4 weeks. Or is it the anti spasmotic meds that are helping?

  36. Severe stabbing pains in my gut, constipation, lips itching tummy bloating. Just felt awful. I am really strict on my diet and I lost 50 lbs in less than a yr.

  37. It might not be just gluten. There are many other triggers

  38. Simple answer to your doubt ,eat gluten and see what happens to your body and general health.

  39. For me it is gluten and dairy all the rest I can deal with.

  40. When I accidentally eat it I get extremely tired with in 15-30 min. I will sometimes go into a state where I am aware but I can't walk and can't make sense when asked questions. Brain foggy and really hard to think. But over all I was really tired, hair was falling out, lips stayed cracked open most of the time, nails broke really easy, very dry skin, and once it got really bad my liver started to shut down

  41. Teresa, have you been totally GF for the month?

  42. There will be no pooping for me if I eat any grains

  43. I allergic to Wheat and Dairy. My throat tightens, I get welts inside my mouth and my tongue gets little blisters and feels like it's on fire. I used to just be intolerant and would just get bloated and brain fog. So didn't really take it seriously. I had a couple of massive attacks over Christmas and had to go for proper allergy testing. My symptoms are getting worse each time I'm exposed to my allergens now. Needless to say I take it a lot more seriously now that its effecting my airways.

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