My pain does not increase if i eat gluten.


It is not about minerals, so feel free to delete my post. But it is about health… so it might be interesting to hear others opinions. I live in Europe. Portugal. I dont think gluten afects me. I can have it without noticing any bad reaction, not even bloating. My pain does not increase if i eat gluten. So, anyone else who feels that gluten does not afect you? Because i read so may people saying gluten is an evil one. And i am not saying that it is not. But maybe organic gluten is ok for many? Or maybe gluten is not the evil for many? Thoughts???

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  1. So can a muscle test confirm what your vitamin, mineral, amino acids, adrenals, omegas, probiotic range down to the exact number (at the time of testing)? Can they let you know what genes you have and if your body is properly methylating & detoxing? I'd like to see some data on this.

  2. Honestly, I'm not sure. But of course it doesn't go by numbers since it is not a lab test…Like I said before, I think it's good to use a combination of both muscle testing and lab testing, when possible.

  3. Mandy Thay who are your specialists? I am going through The Tree of Life for organic acids and 23andme plus consults via phone. No insurance….cant do too much at once. Starting with those. Wonderfully intelligent man I got to work with. Impressed already.

  4. Have you read wheat belly, even if your not noticing effects doesnt mean there are no effects

  5. Leanne Mahler here is the link to find a functional MD. Dr nearest you. They all opperate a little different in regards to insurance but try to stick with a dr certified through IFM. I promise they will be the best dr's you've ever seen. 10 years of constant research to find them & the only ones able to help me (naturally)!!

  6. I gave up gluten 9 months ago and have lost 18 pounds! Without any effort or diet changes (except the wheat of course) it's truly a life changing move-for the better!! Bloated stomach is almost back to normal. I'm very strict for the most part however.

  7. Me, I am totally allergic to wheat and grains of any kinds. My husband, he swears it doesnt bother him at all. However, when he eats that huge bagel for breakfast, he is grouchy about lunchtime. For lunch he has another batch of "grain" for lunch. By the time for dinner he is just nasty and cranky! Noodles for dinner and "oh gosh, I dont feel very good, havent felt good all day" Gee, what did you eat today???? Oh NO, gluten doesnt bother me.!!!! It doesnt have to make you ill, it also affects you mentally. But most people dont want to admit it!!!

  8. It is about your Immune System and its health and ability to protect you from ALL poisons and ill effects of exposure to poisons, parasites, bacterium, viruses, etc…

    Gluten and ALL allergies are the same thing – Your Immune Systems ability to respond to an irritant properly and protect you from ill effects. 😉 xo

    Ask the better question…Why is my Immune System suppressed? This answer will lead you back to vibrant health!

  9. Right on Gloria!!

  10. I have much pain when I eat corn, tomatoes and eggplant. For me, it's the nightshades group that triggers pain, not gluten.

  11. It's my understanding that the European countries and South America don't have the gluten problem with their bread like we do in North America (U.S.). I have talked to people who are gluten intolerant here say they can eat bread in these places. I think it has more to do with the food being genetically modified (grains) than the actual gluten.

  12. I would say it depends on if you have a leaky gut.

  13. I would say it depends on if you have a leaky gut.

  14. Mostly it is O blood types who have the gluten issue.

  15. you are lucky your wheat has not been tainted with roundup and is not gmo.

  16. American wheat is so GMO, hybridized and roundup ready…all gluten is not created equal:/

  17. I was fine before removing it but once off it, it I have it now it upsets my bowels. I can build up tolerance to it if I want but I feel better without it.

  18. I talked with a co-worker about gluten because her son has a major intolerance to it. I asked her if other relatives in her family had an issue with gluten. She then went on to explain that her extended family lives in Washington state (USA) and that they have been there for several generations growing wheat. She said that in 1986

  19. Another thought is America adds folic acid to all wheat and some people have genetic issues absorbing folic acid. Google mthfr

  20. In 1986 gluten was genetically changed in a major way. The gluten in the bible has something like 8 chromosomes and the gluten in America has been hybridized and changed so much (genetically) that the number of chromosomes is somewhere in the 20's (something like 28 as I recall). She told me that she grew her own vegetables and other products for her son in her Florida backyard and even pollinated her backyard garden herself so the food would not be GMO (which could happen if she just left pollination to chance). Anyway, she went on to explain that USA gluten is a major cause of obesity because our bodies don't know what to do with this GMO product. She has read so much about it that she only gives her son (and family) what she can grow in the backyard. I did not ask her about meat products. Anyway, I have since looked into this and this is indeed an American problem due mainly to Monsanto. There is a large group in Minnesota who are fanatical about putting a stop to Monsanto. The group's entire purpose is to enhance public awareness and form committees to educate and attempt to get the government involved. I honestly don't know how or why the government continues to allow Monsanto to corrupt the food supply. Europe no longer buys many food products from the US. It's a major problem.

  21. screw monsanto

  22. For me it's a build up thing. I had been gluten free for a few decades then found that I could eat spelt wheat with no problem, as it's meant to be a better form to digest.
    So I used to have organic wholemeal spelt all the time with no bloating, but kept putting on weight, even though I wasn't over eating.

    During that time I also had food occasionally with a bit of wheat flour in it with no problem at all, as I believed. Then after a few years I noticed I was getting bloated so decided to cut it out and see what happened. The bloating stopped.

    Well, I thought it would be okay to have something occasionally with wheat in but I was wrong. The next time I had any ordinary wheat flour I got the most terrible headache and felt like I'd poisoned myself.

    So giving it up sensitised my body again and it said 'no'. So I haven't had any since and the bloating has gone again. I'm also keeping my weight more stable as it was just edging up all the time before.

    I've found that the cleaner your diet the more sensitive you are to things which are bad for you. Now if I have anything processed, which is rare, or just isn't top notch, I will get nauseous and feel ill. I've heard this happens to people who go onto raw food, well I'm only 50% raw but I guess the same rule about sensitivity applies. It's just your body's way of telling you what it does and doesn't need/want so you don't keep eating it. But as for gluten, everyone's different and it's trial and error what works for you.

  23. I did without gluten for quite a while, and then added it back my diet, and notice no difference . I did however notice a difference when I ate something with potatoes .

  24. I have heard in Europe that you all do not process the flour like we do here and therefore the gluten is not as bad-but not sure about this!

  25. Candida/yeast/fungus does NOT go away until killed with antifungals or it lies dormant until fed & grows causing inflammation. That is why if you have a sensitivity it's important to get tested. You can eat as green & good as possible & it will NOT go away on its own. I know from first hand experience!! Of course there are a host of natural antifugals. Due to herxheimer reaction i started with a mild one (specially formated from a lab to not contain gluten! Can you believe labs put gluten in antifuungals?!) and later will work up to a strong natural remedy.

  26. With our bread it's the lectins that are actually a problem, not to mention, they're hybrid grains left in the silo that gets hot and cold day in/day out. Mold anyone? Round Up (glycophosphates) anyone?

  27. I have heard that for some, gluten in America badly affects them, while gluten in Europe doesn't. Wouldn't surprise me.

  28. If gluten effects you, perhaps it is the chemicals the wheat was sprayed with and not the actual wheat at all. If organic wheat gluten effects you perhaps you need to look into healing your gut. My daughters are "allergic to red meats" unless they are wild game meats or home grown organic beef, rabbit etc. Logic tells me it must not be the actual meat that bothers them, but rather the hormones, antibiotics and processing that they go through that is the culprit in commercially grown meats. I believe that it is dangerous to eliminate gluten entirely, and in a few years when the big money making "gluten free" craze has calmed down, studies with come forward in favor of gluten, just like they have for "good cholesterol" and coconut oils etc. There's more behind this issue than meets the eye.

  29. While some people are more susceptible than others, gluten creates leaky gut through zonulin release which opens enterocyte junctions. There are other things, which I won't go into great detail, which applies to all grains, legumes, and pseudo-grains. These include prolamins (the one found in wheat called is called "gliadin"), lectins, and phytates. Of all the proteins, gluten is believed to be the most damaging and problematic.

    The problem is that, unless you have an immediate immune reaction like Celiac Disease and you know for sure what is causing your health condition, inflammation and immune system damage takes its toll bit by bit over the course of years. So when you eat these foods without an immediate response, you probably won't make the correlation of your health issues to your regular diet. This is why it's important to adopt a diet which applies to humans as a whole, which keeps the gut sealed. Leaky gut is the basis for many diseases, most namely autoimmune diseases, but also for general things like inflammation (which leads to more disease) and mental health.

  30. Our bodies are not all the same. Some people need to avoid gluten, while others do fine on a wide variety of grains. Still others do fine on some grains (such as spelt or European wheat) but can't tolerate other forms (such as American wheat.)

  31. There are the extremes of full blown immune response, to people who don't have any reaction at all. Most people fall in between, so they get gut damage over a long course of time, and they will get problems when things have fallen apart enough. It's like sanding a piece of wood. It doesn't go through like a saw, but it will wear it down over time. To be on the safe side, people should avoid grains, legumes, and pseudo-grains due to how the gut works in humans in general. Our digestive systems cannot handle them well at all. However, if you don't have the immediate reaction, then it may be fine to have every now and then. At least it means you won't have a terrible reaction to just a trace amount of a prolamin, thank goodness! I really feel for those who have conditions like Celiac. I have a few friends with it, and it's rough.

  32. Where can I get a muscle test done?

  33. @ Mandy Thay: what is an anti fungal that you use?

  34. I've read and heard studies that in Europe, Gluten doesn't affect a lot of people, but when they travel to the States, it affects them because of the way food is grown and processed here.

  35. Margot … I am hestitant to say because not everyone should be on the same antifungal. Here is a good article on candida:

  36. A good group for information on Candida overgrowth is The Gut Health Protocol

  37. Google "leaky gut and Candida" then check out Plexus products. They are great for healing gut problems– especially the drink, probiotic and Biocleanse. Then you can PM me if you'd like help getting them. My business is helping people get healthy!! Would love to help you.

  38. You live in Europe; you either don't have GMOs, or they are labeled, if no GMOs, then no RoundUp! Ready/Glyphosate is sprayed on the crop. The pesticide/chemical sprayed on our wheat here in the USA is fast coming under fire and scrutiny as perhaps also a factor in gluten/Celiac issues. Other people from the USA who go overseas and have Gluten Intolerance/Sensitivity have reported that they have no ill effects or problems eating wheat in other countries; it is only when they return home to the USA that they find they are unable to tolerate eating the wheat/gluten grains we have in this country.

  39. Gluten does not effect me now cause I can detox better. The problem is the round up that is used in wheat and grains along with gmos. So if you are sick it makes sense to cut out gluten.

  40. Diana Phillips, there are groups everywhere protesting Monsanto. I have friends in Albuquerque who are very active. I don't know where it will all go, but there is a rising awareness and that is how change happens!

  41. Excellent Cristina Matos. Perhaps you eat pure local produce. In Australia our dairy products and beef is fully of growth hormones, antibiotics, vaccines.

  42. As for now, wheat is not one of the GMO's. It is, however, sufficiently hybridized to shorten it, and enhance protein content.
    So wheat has not been modified to be able to tolerate glyphosate.

  43. doesnt seem to affect my body, thsts just me

  44. I was in Australia 20 years ago and a McDonalds hamburger tasted TOTALLY different.

  45. The food especially wheat is heavy spray with herbicide, altered. So the rest of the world without monsanto is actually real food. Gluten is the excuse ots actually the wheat, flour, and even grains causing a massive immune response in the population. Dairy as well. Its all poison here in the US.

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