My Partner frequently urinates.


My Partner frequently urinates. He gets very thirsty at night and is up and down several times to pee through the night. He has dark eye bags under his eyes and looks washed out a lot of the time. He’s been tested several times for diabetes, but it has come back negative. Has anybody got any ideas of what could be causing this and how we can stop it?? Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. Kidney failure. Get a 24 hour urine test done.

  2. No idea what it can be but my boyfriend has the same thing! I've been going down the road of low mag and zinc but ill look into these other issues. Hope you figure out what your partners problem is!

  3. Prostatitis?

  4. I had those symptoms with mold exposure and Lyme disease.

  5. If it's a kidney or electrolyte issue then Andersons or Concentrace trace mineral drops may help.

  6. Has he been tested for sleep apnea? Oh also possibly constipated and pressure being put on bladder?

  7. Did diabetes testing include Diabetes Insipidus (not Melitus)? He may have a pituitary issue.

  8. Zinc and mineral sea salt in his wAter. Just a tad to help the water hydrate into the cells instead of it just clearing out of him without absorbing

  9. Also sounds like mag and potassium could also help balance electrolytes in the body

  10. One last thing that helps, before bed, one tsp of raw honey.

  11. These are also symptoms of low iron

  12. Prostrate problems. The thirst is just dehydration from peeing alot. Need to get him tested asap

  13. If it's an enlarged prostate this helps…massage magnesium chloride oil or gel on his stomach before bed. This has really helped my husband.

  14. Has he had his prostate checked? this happened to my hubby and he ignored it and ended up on dialysis.

  15. adrenal fatigue? also max out on pumpkin seeds….

  16. Sleep apnea??

  17. Prostate

  18. Diabetes = urinating frequently at night, excessive thirst, and hunger

  19. The other thing that more commonly causes increased thirst and urination, especially at night, is hyperaldosteronism. I had this during pregnancy (secondary) but it can also be primary (caused by an ordinarily benign adrenal tumor). I would ask for a serum aldosterone/plasma renin test (the ratio is important). Elevated aldosterone causes potassium depletion and sodium retention but also causes high blood pressure, which can be intermittent. Has he had that checked?

  20. That sounds like me Kim Tracey Konash I get really dry mouth and can't stop peeing ugh what kind of test do u have done and what kind of doctor does it is it scarry or life threatening

  21. Does he have pain in the body?

  22. He should just go to a dr and get some tests done

  23. I need to get tested

  24. Get him a sleep test, work from that

  25. No no no, Ignore everything else some anyone has suggested to you. No need for sleep test or anything of that kind. Your husband is having problems regulating his blood sugar during the day and that makes him get up and pee at night. Here's the trick, Make sure he eats every 3 hours , if he drinks water, get him to add a little salt and sip on it, not gulping huge quantities of liquid stops him from diluting electrolytes as someone mentioned above.. I use 3-4 teaspoons of salt a day in my liquids and rarely drink straight water. but also make sure I eat regularly in order to stop me having to get up to pee at night. Nothing wrong with his urinary tract. It's a blood sugar handling issue and he is more likely on the hypoglycemic side of things . So sodium will really help.

  26. Interesting Pippa Galea…

  27. Have his B6 checked for toxicity. This is a common symptom for B6 Toxicity. There is a B6 Toxicity facebook group.

  28. Yeah, When I speak to my clients , first thing I ask them is do you pee a lot or do you wake up at night to pee.. It's normally a blood sugar handling issue. Magnesium will help but wasn't enough to stop it for me

  29. If it's his kidneys , the salt will only make it worse. Testing is critical. Blood and urine are basic and non- invasive , usually covered by insurance and will not make the situation worse. My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure and now 4 years later , type 2 diabetes. Each of them will make the other worse.
    Either one also seriously overtaxes the rest of the body. The body can not properly detox.
    I also have an 11 year old 5 years out from a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. We are regularly checking her other body systems as improper detox is very detrimental to the body.

  30. I am not , by any means in favor of our modern medical system, however, a bit of blood drawn and peeing in a jar is not a big deal. You may not even need a doc to order it depending on your insurance and your lab. Call the insurance company and they will let you know if you need a doc to order labs.

  31. Go to a chinese medicine doctor , my husband had similar symptoms all kidney tests are normal but the chinese med doctor said his kidney is 90% damaged due to some bacteria .

  32. My face burns,and itches all the time and my scalp and my back

  33. Salicylates?? They are food chemicals in most fresh veggies, fruit, fragrance. They cause the body to detox. You can find more info at Then look into GAPS
    Hope he finds his answers x

  34. A great male herb for prostate and irritable bladder. Epilobium tea

  35. Diabetes

  36. so how many times would be acceptable to go to the toilet during the night? none? once? twice?

  37. Once, occasionally, but not every night

  38. Adrenal issue

  39. Get the book "Adrenaline Fatigue: The 21st century syndrome"

  40. Iodine deficiency. Just like the thyroid and breast tissue, the prostate is the second largest organ in the male body that needs large amounts of Iodine. It will enlarge like the thyroid when its deficient searching out iodine…

  41. I go at least once a nite but I drink wAter up until I go to sleep

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