My problem is that I have chronic hypomagnesemia


My problem is that I have chronic hypomagnesemia. I found this out 5 yrs ago when I had my first Atrial Fibrillation episode. My magnesium was at a critical level of 1.1 I finally went back to normal sinus rhythm with heart meds and IV Mag. For the next year my mag would continue to drop and on a monthly basis I was going in for IV Mag. Of course I would also go into A-Fib each time. I now take 2000-3000 mg of magnesium per day. Yes that is a lot since you should not take more than 400 mg a day. Even with taking as much as I do my Mag level bounces from 1.5 – 1.6 usually normal Mag level is 1.6 and greater. usually anything under 1.4 is critical. We still have not figured why I can’t seem to hold my magnesium. So needless to say with that much magnesium on a daily basis it’s hit or miss when leaving the house for any length of time. LOL We have also realized that my Vit. D is also pretty low so taking 50,000 units of D per week. The Endocrinologist says they go hand in hand. I still say the benign mass on my thyroid has something to do with this but, I can’t get anyone to agree. I even mentioned my parathyroid but, nothing. I’ve been a Paramedic for over 30 yrs and it is so frustrating that I can’t seem to fix this.

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  1. Just quickly… it's late.
    What type of magnesium are you taking? The RDA is 400mg. That doesn't mean we shouldn't take more. Many of us take much much more than 400mg. Rule of thumb is 5mg per body pound to maintain mag levels and more to increase.

    Wonder what your mag rbc level is? Those results are the mag serum test and that test isn't really indicative of your true level because the body does a pretty good job at keeping levels steady. (No doubt you are very low even according to your mag serum)

    Vit D will deplete magnesium. Those 50K doses aren't good for you (yes, endos and many drs love these crazy doses). Vit D is actually a hormone.

    Have you sought out a functional medicine dr? They are better at addressing the whole body.

    Been tested for magnesium wasting? Are you taking any meds? Stress eats magnesium like candy. Sugar consumption really uses up magnesium too.

  2. Is this magnesium in your serum? If so, that is not an accurate indication of what is in your cells. The serum level will ALWAYS be low. You need to get a Magnesium Red Blood Cell test (Mag RBC) to get a better idea of what is going on at the cellular level. Also, if you follow this group for a while, you will quickly learn that it is not good to target only one mineral at a time. Minerals work synergistically in our bodies and often have an inverse relationship, eg one goes up, other goes down. So to really assess your health status, you need to get a Hair Test Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and associated serum/plasma/RBC mineral/protein analyses. You can search the files in this group to see what blood test you need for each mineral/constituent and whether it is in serum, plasma or RBC form. Once you have this information, THEN working with a consultant your mineral status can be assessed, along with adrenal, thyroid function etc to determine what you need to to do balance things. Until you get the Mag RBC and the other tests, you really won't know what is going on. Read the Mag Beginner's Guide at the top of this page, Morley Robbins website, and MJ Hamp's website…... to get the HTMA tests ($150 for tests and consultation for members of this group) go to That should get you started. Oh yeah, Morley as noted above does not recommend focusing on Vit D3 at all…. one your mag level increases (RBC level) and other minerals are balanced, your D3 should come up.

  3. Also, read the book The Miracle of Magnesium by dr. Carolyn Dean to really better understand mineral balancing, as well as The Calcium Lie II by Dr. Robert Thompson, which is about much more than just Calcium.

  4. The Endocrinologist has stated that being a diabetic as well as on insulin will deplete you magnesium. He did state more testing will be done so i am assuming he is about the HTMA testing. My all of my thyroid testing is coming back in the normal range. The Endocrinologist was concerned about my Vit D because it was at a critical low and could cause other problems this is why he put me on A prescription dose of Vit D. I am also in stage 3 kidney failure from the diabetes. The Nephrologist that I work for also believes all 3 are tied together as well. Until all testing is done not much we can do but take the high doses of Magnesium which the only reason is because of the heart arrhythmia problems.

  5. Do you know what thyroid tests he's running? In general, endos are horrible at treating the thyroid. You need free T3, free T4, reverse T3, anti tpo and tg ab. Most endos will not order these tests… I hope yours will. And then, you need to be optimal and not within range.
    I've never met a MD who uses the HTMA. Would be amazing if they did.

    Vit D- you need several tests not just 25-OH

    Are you a type 2 diabetic?

    I would find a functional medicine dr ASAP They can help address your body as a whole.

  6. No offense Michelclaire…. but did you even get my point about having Magnesium Red BLood Cell analyses conducted? I'm pretty sure your numbers are serum numbers. YOu really need to do some research on these issues, cus actually, low magnesium is causing your insulin resistance and contributing to your diabetes. Your endocrinologist has it backwards… Surprise! not. And no, you can be guaranteed the addtional testing will not be HTMA testing…. because they know nothing about it. Taking very high doses of Vitamin D actually depletes your magnesium even more, but because main stream doctors are taught nothing about mineral status in medical school, your doc does not know that. Your nephrologist is in the same boat… you should do a search on this group to find out the group owner's experiences with main stream medical doctors and their ignorance of mineral balancing and being completely wrong on prescribing high doses of Vit D3. I know you are new to this group, so this info probably seems anathema to you…. esp since you are involved in main stream medicine as well. But trust me, you need to start advocating for yourself and doing some research on your own. There is A LOT that MSMedicine does not know about healing people, cus guess what?! They make a lot more money if we don't actually heal! Also, what is your diet like? Eating sugars, refined carbs, pasta, bread, sweets and lots of grains can of course cause diabetes as well. Look in to the Paleo way of eating…. moderate protein, lots of good healthy fats (coconut oil, butter, olive oil etc) and lots of colorful vegetables (no high glycemic ones) will got a LONG WAY to getting your diabetes under control. Good luck… and be sure to get your Mag RBC checked.

  7. Yes I am a Paramedic/RN and work for a Nephrologist trust me had them all done even a thyroid U/S and biopsy. I am a very tough patient usually medical people are LOL I make sure everything is covered and ask many questions then read up on it and ask even more questions. Even though I have a mass everything seems to be working normal which is crazy. I am now questioning my parathyroid . That is very big with diabetics and kidney disease and can have the same effects as your thyroid but your thyroid is fine. It never ends.

  8. What was your reverse T3 level?

  9. Yes Carol I did and they are going to be doing more testing they said and I will be asking if that is one of them. I did have a 24 hr urine as well and that came back negative.

  10. I would have to dig up all my results. I've had so many lately there is no way I remember.

  11. Looking at it the RT3 was 19 within normal limits

  12. To really heal the body, we typically have to turn away from traditional medicine and look at other modalities like functional medicine.
    It is difficult to change our way of thinking when it comes to medicine. Have to find that combination of healing and addressing urgent problems. But so much can be done to start reversing this.

    When you dig up those results, you want to be at the high end of the Free T3, mid to high for Free T4.

  13. Here's some info from a website called stop the thyroid madness (excellent btw)…. "With the RT3 labwork, you are not necessarily looking for a Reverse T3 result high in the range, though that in itself can be a good clue. Instead, you are looking for a problem in the ratio between the RT3 and the Free T3. i.e dividing the Free T3 by the Reverse T3 (Free T3 ÷ RT3)…though they need to be in the same measurement. See the I hate math heading below). For healthy amounts of RT3, The ratio result should be 20 or larger. If lower, you may have a problem. Janie has noted that many patients without an excess RT3 issue have a result of 23 or 24.

    One place patients gained good information about all the above was from Dr. Kent Holtorf, here. If you scroll down on the former page, you'll also see mention of a study done with elderly men and RT3. Additionally, in the study article titled “Reverse T3 is the best measurement of thyroid tissue levels” found in the 2005, volume 90 issue of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, it states that “the T3/rT3 ratio is the most useful marker for tissue hypothyroidism and as a marker of diminished cel­lular functioning.”"

  14. So if you can, divide the free T3 by the RT3 and see what ratio you get…. the units do matter however… here's a calculator and you can select the correct units… T3 and RT3 are sometimes in different units.

  15. Free t3 was 4.0, total T3 186, free T4 1.6 T4 thyroxine 11.9, TSH 3.76, and T3 uptake 29 %. All in normal limits.

  16. Good luck with everything Michelclaire… a RT3 of 19 is pretty high, but as they say above, the ratio really gives you more info. I highly recommend doing the HTMA and associated minerals/protein tests recommended in this group which will give you a really good baseline to evaluate your mineral status… and from there you can start to deal with the things that are out of whack. I must go to bed!! ps…. I will say this… I started looking at hypothyroidism, then realized that my adrenal glands were burned out…. but then realized that in order to heal the endocrine system and get my body functioning properly, mineral balancing is the ultimate solution. Once our bodies have the proper building blocks then we can start healing. We are designed to heal with the right minerals/proteins that are so crucial to over a 1000 enzymatic reactions in our bodies. Stick around, keep asking questions…. we are all learning!! trust me 🙂

  17. Normal does not mean optimal. (that's where we have to change our thought process). Free T3- top of the range. Free T4- mid to top of range
    Your TSH is elevated.

  18. Thank you for all the new info I will be writing it all down and asking both my boss and the Endocrinologist.

  19. They will tell you that everything is fine (but you know it's not). It's what they know and that's what they go off. That's why we have to look elsewhere like functional medicine docs

  20. Nicole normal range for TSH 0.3 to 5.0 mine is 3.76, there are lab values that differ a bit but only my a small margine .

  21. Really at this point, better to focus on minerals… once they are in order your thyroid can start to heal.

  22. A healthy TSH is right around 1…. read the stop they thyroid madness site…. the "normal range" that endocrinologist use is way too broad. That's been proven.

  23. I really think it's the parathyroid myself we will see. I know I just have to keep my Mag up so I don't end up in A-Fib and Tachycardia. With the sever Tachycardia it can lead to death. I'm not ready quite yet LOL

  24. Please start with The Miracle of Magnesium book.

  25. Will do thank you

  26. It is excellent…. good luck Michelclaire!!! As I said above, keep asking questions, we are all learning! cheers

  27. Carol are you in the medical field?

  28. That's *exactly* my point. Normal does not mean optimal. Your TSH is elvated even tho it's "within normal range". Many say under 2 is ideal.
    Traditional medicine only follows the range. They don't identify what's normal vs optimal. Your mag rbc can be "normal" and you are still greatly deficient. Ranges are constantly being adjusted bcause our population is now a sick population so they're adjusted because more sick people are being tested so the new "normals" are adjusted.

    Like I said, it's changing the way you look at it… which is hard.

  29. I am a scientist (formerly a consultant at a natl lab) and a researcher and I have been studying these issues for 3 years, ever since my mom died. My eyes have really been opened. Frankly, I wish I could sue her endocrinologist for the huge, gaping holes he missed in her "care" and I use that term loosely. But he was in the Baylor Medical complex so my mom thought he was God. It was REALLY tragic.

  30. HUGS Carol!!!!

  31. This is true Nicole my girlfriend who is a Physicians Assistant swears that even if your thyroid is in normal range you can still have a problem but, of course the doctors don't ever agree. I can't believe having a mass on the thyroid even though still benign and I know it can change that's why the years biopsies that the thyroid is normal.

  32. Oh Carol hugs for your mom,and thank you for your knowledge and helping the rest of us.

  33. Oh my goodness, you are welcome…. this whole journey has been so eye-opening… as I say, truly, we are all still learning. Morley, the owner of this group, is constantly researching and finding new studies that inform our understanding of minerals and how important they are to us…. there is actually a lot more research in veterinary science about minerals and their importance than for humans!

  34. Exactly! Docs only know what they are taught in medicine school and medical school is not about keeping people healthy.
    When docs can earn continuing education credits from Big Pharma Reps… that's a problem!

    Have you had antibodies tested? Nodules aren't a sign of a healthy thyroid. No doubt you have serious deficiencies going on (that affect the diabetes, thyroid, etc)

    Functional medicine or even a good naturopathic doctor could be very beneficial for you. I have lupus and getting away from all the meds has really changed my life.

  35. Anyway, got to get some shut eye…. let us know how you do with the testing and what you think of the reading. I was so excited to discover the importance of minerals, even tho it is a complicated study… but at least I now know what to focus on so my body can heal…. and that is key. G'nite all!

  36. Thank you everyone and goodnight all. Maybe one reason for tiredness is that it is 4:45am and I'm still up. LOL

  37. That's a symptom of adrenal fatigue… but we'll save that for another talk!! 🙂

  38. Carol can't agree with you more endo's are clueless took me 4 yrs to get properly diagnosed w hashimotos another 7 to get one to prescribe armour my adrenals have suffered severely they only recognize disease states addisions or cushings the dysfunction in between is a living hell in on florcortsione because my blood pressure drops so low and my heart rate goes to 140 when I stand took 12 yrs to get a pots syndrome diagnosis Drs still won't connect the dots that it is poor functioning adrenals all of these diseases and disorders were caused by undiagnosed Lyme disease it's not uncommon for Lyme to go undiagnosed cause autoimmune especially thyroid leading to adrenal dysfunction God forbid you question adrenal fatigue lol … Not one specialist would test my anti directic hormone adh I wrote it myself on a lab order they were shocked how low mine was my body wasn't holding fluids can anyone say a mineral imbalance … I profess to have a medical degree from Google thank god otherwise I think I'd be dead I saw top specialists at Columbia mayo stonybrook not one was able to connect the dots my advice to anyone is to listen to your body do the research Drs are little help because there money comes from pharma and you being sick find natural ways to heal your body but you must know what imbalances you have research how to fix it most times it's the foundational supplements the elements table is a good place to start

  39. Michelclaire Dziuba-Eldridge The blessing & curse of your situation is that you're well educated & that you believe the LIES of conventional medicine… (I spent 32 yrs in this system & walked away when I realized how toxic & dysfunctional it really is…)

    Clearly you have a problem w/ Maggie, but as Carol has been stressing, serum tests of Mg are a waste of time, $$$! & blood. The Mag RBC is THE test..

    No, your doctor will NOT do the HTMA as s/he has been "trained" — like Circus Bears — to regard it as witchcraft. That's too bad as it provides a compelling overview of your mineral dynamics… And what are minerals?!?

    Those are the elements that activate & regulate the enzymes that RUN your body. LOW Minerals = LOW Metabolic function. The fact that you have Diabetes & low Vit-D is clinical proof you have Mg deficiency… But why?!?

    My guess is that your Iron metabolism is completely FUBAR & is creating an outrageous level of Oxidative Stress, that is burning out your Mg, as your bioavailable Copper is a non-starter because your Mg is sooooo low! Yes, it's ALL connected…

    Too bad your Mineral Denialist wasn't trained in these powerhouse elements. My one bit of advice — take your doctor's perspective & seek out 2-3 others from folks who know & understand mineral metabolism. And finally, knowing what I know about Hormone-D & Maggie, I would STRONGLY advise you to get a 1,25(OH) test of your ACTIVE Hormone-D. And when you get your results back, pls post a pic of your doctor's face when they 1st see your level!…

    A votre sante!

  40. Very interesting thank. You for sharing! What were your symptoms and how did you come to that diagnoses?

  41. Metals. Mercury displaces magnesium (and lithium)….Do you have merc fillings (amalgams)? Would definitely be worth doing a metals hair test…then chelate (Andy Cutler Low Dose Protocol).

    In the meantime, oxalates in your diet grab minerals. Find out how to eat Low Ox (avoid med and high foods and drinks). That can really help big time.

    Alcohol depletes. Avoid. So does many prescription drugs.

    Other supps that deplete mag: vit D, biotin,calcium, b5 and b6….

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