My question is it really that much of problem?


I read all about the benefits of going gluten free. And i also read about how even cross contamination is a big deal. My question is it really that much of problem? if i digest accidentally some gluten am i really going to have inflammation etc..

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  2. Cross contamination affects different people different ways. If you truly have a sensitivity to it once you stop and you get contaminated you will unmistakably know it. If you don't have a sensitivity to it, it may not affect you much if it all.

  3. From what i have read gluten has the same “dna” makeup as the thyroid so if your body is reacting/attacking the gluten it will/can also react/attack your thyroid. This is a thing with hashi’s, even if you do not experience any obvious issue with gluten

  4. thanks I under stand its important to be gluten free. i just wonder do we have to worry to much if there is slight chance of cross contamination

  5. Not every person with Hashi's is sensitive to gluten and needs to avoid it.

  6. Cross contamination is a big thing. Can't even kiss the hubby till he brushes his teeth if he's eaten gluten. Separate toasters, separate containers, etc.

  7. Everyone is different. Myself, when I ingest gluten it is very painful, cross contaminated or otherwise. Other people I know are not as sensitive to it.

  8. Cross contamination is of concern for those that are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. If you are eating gluten free for a lifestyle change then it's not of concern.

  9. Going grain free is best

  10. I have just recently been diagnosed with hashimotos and honestly I am wondering what I can eat!

  11. The Insidious thing about gluten is that you can be intolerant yet have no obviously noticeable symptoms. Maybe a headache now and then a twinge here or there, but minor symptoms that go unnoticed as being connected to gluten . So it can be damaging you and you don't even know.

  12. Yes. No grains rice brown rice oats etc. let your body heal and add one back in at a time so you can see how you feel

  13. I avoid gluten (and dairy and soy and refined sugar) for purposes of weight loss any contamination of gluten or sugar consumption effects my weight pretty drastically. I have to avoid to loose. However in terms of physical symptoms, gluten contamination doesn't give me any big symptoms. Dairy does bother me though.

  14. I eat gluten and have zero peoblems. No swelling, no stomach issues, low antibodies, normal tsh etc. It does not have the same DNA as your thyroid lol. However some people do have celiac and such along with hashi and having one flare up can stress your body and make the other condition act up as well. There are tests your doctor can do to find out if you need to go gluten free

  15. Seriously some people react more than other. The trick to know it it’s to avoid completely for 1 month and after try it, you’re gonna know you’re level and if you need to reduce, avoid or avoid like poison ☠️ lol

  16. I think only the people who need to be gluten free are those who are confirmed celiac. I eat it.

  17. I can tell you I am not celiac, but had food sensitivities tests done and gluten was the only thing that came up besides leeks. I was to avoid for 3 months. As soon as I stopped gluten I lost 25 lbs in a few months. When I try to add it back In the form of pasta or bread, I suffer like hell. My joints automatically ache and my belly swells and my face and I look like I'm six months pregnant. No one will ever tell me it's in my head. I listen to my body and how it reacts. I personally feel better gluten free. My face is not swollen and my joints don't hurt. There are certain things with gluten and under certain parts per billion I can eat and don't affect me. To each is there own. People please stop with the “if your not celiac it won't affect you attitude” we are all different.

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