My scalp is always itchy.


My scalp is always itchy. Just realized all my hair products contain wheat protein. What products do you use???

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  1. WOW! I never thought of that! No wonder my hair keeps falling out! Yes, if anyone has any info, please let me know!

  2. I use Jason for body wash and shampoo and conditioner

  3. I use Natural Instincts, but Dove and Paul Mitchell have gf too. If you use Dr Teal body wash, check that too 🙁

  4. L’Oréal ever pure if gf says it on the bottle

  5. Are you on any PPI

  6. I use suave and dove shampoo and conditioner. I use body wash from Dr. Brown’s. I also use treseme heat protector and bed head control freak.

  7. Oh and garner nutrise hair color

  8. Check out products … they’re amazing

  9. AG, Moroccan Oil, ColorProof, Joico, Framesi, Big Sexy Hair (and only Big Sexy not the rest of their line), & Surface. Please use quality products as our hair is known to fall out more but also be more brittle. I am a licensed hairstylist and have been battling Celiac for 6 years now.

  10. I used to form sores on my scalp,seem to have gone away now.

  11. I use Hair Food from Ulta. It smells really good.

  12. Herbal Essences and Renpure.

  13. Costco’s Kirkland brand is gluten free, I also have ordered it on Amazon.

  14. I never even thought of this…..maybe this has to do with the blisters I get on my scalp!!!!!

  15. Madison reed and acure.

  16. I’ve noticed in the past that herbal essences works really well for awhile but eventually builds up on my hair. Anyone having that issue with renpure? Becky Donohue?

  17. I use suave essentials.

  18. Itchy scalp is from candida. And you may want to do a cleanse and also start taking zinc. It helps so much. ❤️

  19. Surface Hair products. They are gluten free.

  20. Herbal essences coconut shampoo and conditioner are gluten free made a diff to me

  21. Monat. It’s an all natural gluten free and vegan hair care line. Visit to purchase and browse!!!! Feel free to message with any questions

  22. AG Hair products, Paul Mitchell, Morraccan oil, Organix are my favorites. I suffered form constant itchy, sore scalp til I went gluten free with literally everything. Costco Kirkland Brand Shampoo and conditioner are also gluten free and in Huge sizes.

  23. I second Monat- I loved the products so much that I became a Market Partner- let me know if you have any questions!

  24. My scalp same

  25. Herbal Essence but make sure it’s the gf line

  26. The new L’Oreal line of shampoo.

  27. Neuma is all gluten free as well, look into Amika and IGK (they only have 1 product that isn’t gluten free), and as far as sexy hair they are reformulating their lines so most will be gluten free. Their curly line is gluten free now too. And will be relaunching another line in January that will also be GF. Blndn is GF too. To add on to the list

  28. Is use onsta and it had done wonders for my hair since I switched!

  29. I’ve never had a reaction to something topically only something ingested

  30. I use Spa Nourish from Trader Joes.

  31. Art Natural Argan Oil

  32. My body hates sls. So i stopped using shampoo altogether and uses a sls and paraben free conditioner to clean my hair. Its in a much better state now.

  33. Does anyone know about organix hair care line? Some I have been OK with and others I have not been-makes my head itchy/lots of dandruff

  34. I used to use this all the time. Takes very little. Very drying or maybe it was my diet so I switched to Dove.

  35. Surface products

  36. I use Ion products – they’ve made my hair so healthy and shiny

  37. Can someone inform me on the ingredient names that mean gluten? I use Pantene and can’t find any dead giveaways.

  38. I use a shampoo bar. My hairdresser loves running her fingers thru my hair lmao. She says its lustrous and soft. I get it from mine is for dermatitis. The kiwi one. Even though one bar costs $22, it lasts for ages I think I have had mine for 6 months. I make myself a leave in conditioner with argan oil, lavender and rosemary essential oils. I love it.

  39. Renpure….

  40. Monat but due to finances changing I am changing brands now. But loved Monat if you can afford it, worth it.

  41. But Walmart has a area where there are gluten free products I would look there. Here it’s near the Bee’s wax items and shea butter items

  42. Burts Bees has products but don’t know if they carry shampoo. Paul Mitchell products are great! They are very helpful on telling you which ones are gf.

  43.\n\n\nWe have their products at our local Walmart \nMost everything so I bet y’all could find them as well. They smell good and left my hair soft

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