My skin is a reaction point for the Celiac?


My PCP advised me today that she believes, what I have always been told is psoriasis, is actually dermatitis herpetiformis. She has some knowledge of Celiac, but I wouldn’t say extensive, and prescribed a topical steroid cream. I am not yet gluten free as my biopsy is a few weeks out. (I have had positive bloodwork accompanied by an array of neurological symptoms.) I have a few questions that I didn’t get to ask….
1.) Will the steroid cream be necessary once I’ve gone gluten free?
2.) Does this mean my skin is a reaction point for the Celiac? I know some people reeact to different types of interactions with gluten. So, gluten free body washes, lotions, etc?

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  1. The first place to start is to eat safely – you will heal from the inside out. I had a patch of itchy, blistered skin on my palm for 3 years – once I ate gluten free it disappeared in 3 weeks.

  2. I have DH and just recently had another flare up. I have been successfully GF for over a year. It can take a long time for some to be completely rid of the effects of gluten in our bodies.

  3. DH is typically a topical reaction to gluten. My daughter gets eczema from eating foods she is allergic to. We have tried creams and steroids and the best treatment is elimination of the trigger food. My daughters eczema seems to be triggered the most by bovine. She has areas that it shows up her scalp, abdomen, and groin. It’s a good way to determine if she is eating something with a hidden allergen. It’s how I figured out the vitamins (that said hypoallergenic) contained bovine.

  4. ❤️✌️ Ok I’m A Past Survivor Of This Dreaded Skin Condition, Listen ? Closely Cause I’ll Spare You A a Whole Ton Of PAIN, Get a Gluten Free Diet ASAP, The Only Way Other Than The Pill Medication “Dapsone” Used To Cure Leprosy, Yes That Serious. Nerve Damages Happen If Left Untreated!! Gluten Free Is ONLY Way To Eliminates This Horrible Skin Condition. I Suffered Over Twenty Years, Now Stage 4 Cancer

  5. Topical Creams And Such Will Not Cure Will Only Help Itches Not The Burning Blisters But Dapsone, Damages Liver Badly, Just Go Gluten Free Girl?♥️

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