My skin is always so dry


Hello. I’m celiac and I don’t eat any gluten, but my skin is always so dry, even if I use face cream every day (twice a day). My skin around my nose is the driest and it’s also red, even if I use make up you can still see how red it is. I just feel bad and less confidence when I’m like this. I use Nivea face cream and Maybelline make up. Do you know if they are gluten free? Or do you know what would help my skin to heal and look better? Thank you

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  1. Hydration serum from Rodan and fields. My skin was one of my worst symptoms with diagnosis

  2. Try Vanicream, my dermatologist recommended it and it’s helping

  3. My hands were cracking bleeding and stinging

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  4. Rodan and Fields is full of toxins. I am a licensed esthetician. I use beauty counter and have been struggling with dry skin for years until I switched over. I use their nourishing line and counter match and my skin is world’s difference.

  5. I also didn’t mention that I live in Germany, so I’m not able to get US products and if they’re sold in the US only

  6. Coconut oil. I have a tbsp in my coffee every morning.

  7. I either take fish oil or coconut oil supplements to help with my dry skin

  8. Thank you for this post. Today I have been free from gluten about year. But about some months ago I noticed first time that all my skin is so dry. If really m dry skin is related with celiac? 🙁

  9. i’m an esthetician, i work in a medical spa under an MD. your moisture barrier could be compromised. celiacs could also be playing a roll as your skin is a pretty good indication of what’s going on inside your body. drinking tons of water is gonna be the main thing to take into consideration. hyaluronic acid will be your best friend, as well as adding some vitamin a into your skin care. and also as said above supplements can help as well, but if it’s your moisture barrier that’s compromised you’re gonna have to heal your skin not treat it. feel free you message me with any further questions if you want some product knowledge/what to buy

  10. I have had the same issues. Found Cerave cream twice a day really helped me.

  11. Aloe Vera works wonders and is safe for the face! You can use it alone or mix a little into your regular moisturizer to give it a little kick. GF and great for dry or damaged skin.

  12. Look up oil cleansing.

  13. Wynter Starr this is what I was complaining about today, I think haha

  14. For me, less ingredients is More. I use Ponds products just like my momma did. She passed away @92 yrs and her complexion was still very nice.

  15. R you also dairy free?

  16. I have tried every over-the-counter and prescribed lotion available. The only thing that’s worked for me is CBD oil. It is super healing and something you might be able to find in Germany.

  17. Thank you to everyone

  18. I’m severe celiac and cannot eat dairy and eggs as well. I use refined cold pressed coconut oil and add a few drops of my favorite essential oil for scent. It works wonderful not only for cooking ( without essential oil) but for your skin and hair as well.

  19. Are you red on your cheeks like Rosacea?

  20. I started using facial oils and it is a game changer. Acura, EO, Tarte! All great.

  21. Maybe you try Low-carbohydrate diets 😊

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