My son is severe adhd and having problems in school


I NEED HELP!!! My son is severe adhd and having problems in school. Also I cannot break him from sucking his thumb. He is 8. Is this a mineral deficiency???

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  1. It certainly could be. HTMA testing would be a good place to start.

  2. What is HTMA?

  3. This is working for my daughter…
    -Epsom salt baths
    -homemade mag oil on feet and legs
    -brushing teeth with MOM and coconut oil
    -using MOM as deo (she's 11)
    -Kefir water sodas made with Ancient minerals to bring up the mag in the starter
    -kombucha daily to heal gut
    -Kefir raw milk in whey protein shakes to heal gut for breakfast
    -sour kraut, Kimci, other fermented veggies every meal except breakfast (probiotics!)

  4. Healing the gut has been something I've been reading up on. Check for heavy metals – I've been reading up on the GAPS diet and the Feingold diet. Could be something to check out. You've got some great suggestions ^^ 🙂

  5. How do you make homemade magnesium oil Bethany Stephan

  6. What brand of whey protein do you recommend?

  7. We do kefir water and mag lotion. Epsom baths occasionally. Essential oils. Vitamins. Fish oil. Nothing seems to help. Maybe more magnesium? How much is too much though?

  8. I actually tried a supplement with tyrosine, dmae and phoseserine…seemed to make him worse. It is called Focus by SolarRay.

  9. Diet often has a lot to do with attention issues. Organic is best. Very little sugar. No foods or drinks with artificial dyes.

  10. We do that too.

  11. I have a friend who uses IDLife kids vitamins & IDEnergy to balance him out instead of what medication doctors want him on. She says it's has worked wonders for him. If you have questions, you can message me and I'll ask her for you. whatever to help!

  12. Yes please!

  13. Following

  14. Probiotics daily!! Cut out all artificial colors and MSG. Books to read: Brain Maker and The NDD Book.

  15. I have tried diets. He is a VERY picky eater. Plus it seems like he is always sneaking candy at church and any other place he can. Very difficult.

  16. If it's as serious as you make it sound, then the candy needs to be completely out of his reach. It may take time but it will be worth it.

  17. I add liquid minerals to my childrens orange juice, lots of Celtic salt in my home made broths

  18. I hear you with it being difficult to change a child's diet if they are very resistant to it. I'm sure my daughter is gluten intolerant but she refuses to remove it. If you change the whole families diet instead of just his it might be a whole lot easier. godspeed to you. But you are on the right track looking into diet and supplementation rather than drugs. Someone posted a video yesterday about brain yoga did you watch it?

  19. Amino acid deficiency/deficiencies? Vitamin/mineral deficiencies?
    Issue with gluten/dairy or excitotoxins?

  20. My son stopped within 3 weeks (probably not even close to it) when he was around 3. This stuff must be horrendous! Kids' dentist said he tells all his parents with thumb sucking issues about it when they tell him "I've tried everything." You can get it on Amazon. Mine carried it in his office it works so well.

  21. Look up coiddiol gold

  22. Heather Denham, are you part of this group…?
    It's for parents of kids with ADHD. There are people from all over the world. Good group. Really helps with a lot of info, suggestions and just a plain crappy day (because as much as we love our kids with all our hearts it can be very trying).

  23. Yes I am part of that group already. I have not found it very helpful. We do the mavala stuff. He sucks it off.

  24. I'm sorry you haven't found it helpful for you. And he sucks off the Malva Stop? Wow! Just the threat of it with my son after a few times was more than enough. Lol

  25. Healing ADHD & Asperger's Without Hurting Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC Gut and Psychology Syndrome | GAPS Diet SCD / GAPS Diet Community

  26. It sounds diet related. I know you said you've tried diets and taking out artificial dyes. Sometimes that just isn't enough. If you look into there is a whole protocol. We had to remove artificial colors flavors and preservatives as well as things like candles and body sprays.

  27. It's not just one thing. Magnesium is the best place to start but he'll need well-rounded nutritional support. I'd get a hair analysis and look into iodine supplementation in some form.

  28. I would suggest he snack on raw hulless pumpkin seeds and seaweed snacks plus drink Mag Water.

  29. Is there a file on how to make mag water?

  30. We do kelp supplements.

  31. Also. There are numerous ADHD and/or ODD groups here on fb.

  32. We used suntheanine. Dietary changes- no dyes, natural flavorings ,no sugar. Increased veggies and fruits. Sports to help with energy release. Epsom salts baths and omegas. Has he been tested for giftedness by your county? You can request it. No cost.

  33. High histamine can create hyperactivity, fidgeting, tossing & turning. Aside from diet, we saw a NAET practitioner to address histamine and saw an immediate difference. We also do Braingym-type exercises. This one looks interesting too –

  34. Anxiety physical plus nental help needed. Try to stay calm

  35. We had huge success with NAET. Even got rid of the nut allergy!

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