My son was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome


Hi there someone from another board was telling me that some moms on this board had stopped there kids from ticing with magnesium? My son was diagnosed with Tourette’s he doesn’t have the classic form of it Infact he started ticing after his dtap shop. He also was staring off into space and stopped sleeping altogether. I was told this was all classic symptoms of Tourette’s. He has come a long way he only tics now once In a while mostly when stressed out and hasn’t slept. We give him melatonin every night to ensure that he sleeps. Because without it he won’t go to sleep. I was wonder what type of magnesium you use ? We had tried child calm it did nothing for him Infact he hated the flavor . What do you suggest ?

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  1. Melatonin not recommend in this group please read pinned post at top of page hopefully that will answer a lot of your questions I would recommend the blood work n HTMA with Morley owner of this group

  2. I don't see that anywhere on pinned post only stuff about vitamin d ???

  3. Implement the full Mg protocol and get him outside for a while every day before noon to reset his body clock.
    Melatonin is a hormone and should not be taken daily.

  4. He's outside a lot jumping Ina trampoline we could not live without melatonin I understand it shouldn't be taken every day but he can not relax without it. I feel it's better then some of the things they wanted to put him on. He takes magnesium baths. But if he doesn't sleep he get violent and angry and is horrible to deal with. I had all his blood work done and everything was normal should I be looking at something else?

  5. Have you seen a functional medicine doctor?

  6. Yes and a neurologist

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