My son’s number are never alarming.


So quick question here.
My son’s number are never alarming. He eats gf 100%….only 1 known gluten exposure in 4 years. But at times, his iron and vitamin d and b-12 get low and his joints hurt quite a bit of the time. Does this mean his Celiac is still active? I mean he is a silent sufferer so unless he eats something over and over….he has no symptoms of being glutened.
I really have been thinking hard about this and wondering if he is still getting gluten…is that why his iron and stuff gets low? Or just from having Celiac in general???

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  1. He might have another auto immune disease?

  2. I have this with Crohn’s.

  3. He might have pernicious anemia. My dad has both, (CeD and PA), autoimmune disease tends to travel in packs.

  4. His numbers are never alarming? Does this mean always negative? That said, some people are found to have damage with negative bloodwork, so can’t count on that all the time. Has he had a repeat biopsy to check damage to villi? Usually, unless there is another problem, or refractory sprue, the vitamin deficiencies would go away once gluten free and healing takes place. He could still be getting gluten through cross contamination or hidden sources or maybe eating it without you knowing?

  5. Thanks guys.
    He doesn’t always need the vitamins. It seems to be in the latter part of the winter when he has been playing basketball for 3 months straight. He seems to be completely worn down by the end of the season….this has happened 2 years straight. And we are starting a new year. So I was just curious what you guys all thought.
    And yes his numbers are all always negative and in the lower normal range for one of the others. The doctor is always saying good job. Keep it up.
    However, we have NEVER had a follow up biopsy. The doctor has felt that since his symptoms that he had went away with the diet and his numbers have been good….that we shouldn’t do another biopsy bc they don’t like putting kids under anesthesia unless there is a just reason. Like when his iron was low the 1st time, we couldn’t get the numbers up. They were going to check with a biopsy only if his numbers didn’t start coming back up….and within a few weeks….they shot up. So, I don’t know if it is the Celiac causing the issues or if he is just so worn down from basketball by the end of the season…
    I am at a loss.
    I know he doesn’t cheat with his diet. I actually told him when he was first diagnosed…the truth. That if he ate the stuff he wasn’t supposed to….it could cause stomach cancer. He doesn’t even ask and never has for anything with gluten. In fact, he won’t even eat food from anyone even my husband …if I haven’t okayed it. So, I don’t feel lkke he sneaks stuff. However, he is 12.

  6. And I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. So, I have questioned the joint pain after he plays sports. And thought maybe it has nothing to do with his Celiac.\nIt is just so hard to figure all the things out that could be Celiac related….but I do research all the time to make sure I am staying up to date on Celiac. Or at least, I try to stay on top of it.

  7. My son, 11 has anemia too, low b12 and d3. But we are just starting as of august 1st. His iron is still low though and hes been home from school for 5 weeks now. He also hashimotos which causes hypothyroid which can cause issues with vitmamin deficiences. My daughter 15, doez not have autoimmune thyroid or celiac, although one lab was slightly elevated for celiac but endoscopy and colonoscopy was good. She also has anemia, low b12 and d. Stop the thyroid madness site and books have lots of useful info. Im wondering if we need to test for pernicuous anemia.

  8. Im starting both my kids on beef liver to raise their iron and hopefully to replace some of the vitamins they take.

  9. Interesting. He is only low after he has been doing basketball for months on end. He has been gf for 4 years so that was my main concern that there was possible damage going on…..
    Maybe we need to change diet to add iron rich foods before it gets bad.

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