My sons school is having a 100 day celebration.


My sons school is having a 100 day celebration. Everyone brings snacks and each child gets some and they make a trail mix of sort. Well 90% of what is brought is gluten, so I met with the teacher and explained about CC. The nurse whose children has celiac said I was being to overbearing. I ignored her at 1st till we talked a bit and we went into eating out and I said mcD for my son was hard to give up. The nurse spoke up and said my kids eat french fries from there. What?? Why?? She said you have to live a little in life…..yes you do but you need a life to live. Now I’m thinking of home schooling….very diappointed!!! The teacher and I worked it out but.. ..still I’m in shock over the comments of the nurse.

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  1. are you in the US? that nurse is clueless it sounds like, feel bad for her poor kid…

  2. Wow!! As an RN and former school nurse who has celiac, her behavior is totally unacceptable. Hard to believe what some people on here are hearing from health professionals. Disheartening!

  3. Print out the McDonalds stuff and take it to her. I would speak with the principal about that ignorant remarks. Celiac’s who continue to consume gluten TRIPLE their risk of celiac related cancers. She is literally putting her child’s life at risk.

  4. Oh this principal runs when I come in. We have had words and I outed him for having sex with the gym teacher in the locker room…lol…he can’t even look at me…he’s a ass!

  5. Im in the UK and our McDonald’s fires are gluten free they use seperate oil for the fires etc and they chips are gluten free

  6. Can you complain to a school board? I hate that we have to fight, and I absolutely dislike complaining, but this is scary. This is a question of life and death for our kids. My child gets glutened too often in school but she is a non responsive celiac, she “only” has a rash and huge belly when glutened. Sometimes I wish she could throw up (I realize how terrible this sounds) or spend a day in the bathroom so they all see how serious her condition is.

  7. the nurse is obviously very uneducated in her own childs disease

  8. Sad to see this.

  9. Being also in recovery I work with people in the late stages of liver failure who die because their brain cannot comprehend what alcohol is doing to them until it’s too late…celiac and gluten seem very similar to me….so because the effect is not anaphalaxsis or immediate and it’s so hard to be gluten free people stay in denial until their lives are ruined. Its why infectious disease still takes a toll-free I don’t see no germs…

  10. If a nurse had ever called me overbearing I’m afraid I might of needed bail money. How inconsiderate, and inappropriate. I would go above her, and above as many heads as you need to drive home the issue at hand & keep that kind of ignorance away from your child. So sorry your dealing with this 🙁

  11. Wow. I am appalled that a health care professional that is charged with the care of other people’s children could be so cavalier…. I’d address this with the school administration. Too bad she doesn’t value her children’s lifespans as much as caving in to be the cool parent. That is so sad….

  12. Do you have a 504 plan?

  13. I’m appalled but not suprised. Diet (nutrition) is barley taught in medicine to any great degree. Doctors only get about a max of 15 hours of this all the way thru medical school unless it’s part of their speciality!

  14. Ignorance is bliss for some people

  15. Yeah this is a huge reason we homeschool. I don’t trust ANYONE with my type 1 diabetic and celiac children. And we should never have to justify ourselves for doing what’s best for them. Sorry you’re dealing with that, I’d be upset too.

  16. My youngest son is in the Marching band for his high school. His older brother wad diagnosed with CD in June of 17. So in August when band camp started he found out one of the new 9th grade band members was also CD. They talked and my son came home and said hey mom you know L can take medicine and he can eat whatever he wants? I spoke to the mom to confirm the child actually had CD and she said Yes they just give the kid Activated Charcoal everyday to help relieve the symptoms. Some people/parents are just not educated or don’t care. They only care about what’s convenient for them.

  17. I find it unbelievable how little medical professionals know sometimes. Can you maybe put a formal complaint in? Try everything possible before Home schooling I’d say. Plus make sure your son is aware that he shouldn’t be eating anything you haven’t said is ok, hopefully that might stop anyone telling him to have something he shouldn’t!

  18. What a moron. Bc French fries are more important than teaching your kids young that this is a serious disease that can have serious consequences, if not taken care of the right way. ? med prof don’t know everything and this group truly shows it by all of the asinine things people post that have been said to them by drs/nurses.

  19. Not all doctors or nurses get it. It’s just ignorance. And stupidity is not wanting to learn.

  20. You need to ask for a IHP, celiac is a protected disability they must provide a safe alternative whenever they have food activities. But with all the obesity problems they should be have fun activities like games instead of food. Go to the school board.

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