My thyroid cancer has metastasized into my lung


My thyroid cancer has metastasized into my lung. I have been using the Cannabis cure for awhile now. The tumor is bigger and I am getting weaker. The pain makes it hard to sleep. Any ideas?

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  1. Good idea Anna Elia. Clove is an old remedy for tooth ailments. And I'd blike to know about flax oil too. I tried it with cottage cheese once and it was purely disgusting.

  2. Jon Amy Jessup Can you please explain why no flax oil with hormonal cancer ?

  3. Helen, I also use baking soda mixed w/ coconut oil for toothpaste. I add essential oil of clove to the mixture. Clove has an antibacterial effect, as well as an anesthetic effect, so it's great on sensitive teeth. Tastes good, too!

  4. Yes Anna Elia I always thought so too. I certainly feel better in the mornings when I clean my teeth with baking soda and coconut oil. Really perks me up. Thanks for the info on the molasses. Is BS and molasses specific to certain types of cancer? IV with BS. Gee. Do you know how that is going? You'd want to be careful with your alkaline mineral levels.

  5. Helen Flouch baking soda is a treatment for GERD! Not the opposite. Check it out ! You naturopath is wrong. Now if you drink lemon juice that can add to stomach acid and worsens GERD- gastroesophageal reflux disease. I have taken baking soda with molasses- molasses facilitate uptake of baking soda into cancer cells! I never took injections and I have not heard about anyone putting then into tumor. Cancer Is everywhere so perhaps you help one tumor but what about others? There are some people traveling to Europe to get baking soda iv- into vain to kill all the cancer cells.

  6. chakra healing

  7. what treatment do they plan to give you now ?

  8. I thought the baking soda was pretty well a great thing too Jeanie Harrison. However, my naturopath said it wasn't a good idea as it upsets the acids in the stomach and leads to GURD. If you already have GURD, it actually makes it worse. I know there is a cancer therapy where the inject BS straight into tumours. Kills 'em straight up apparently. I don't understand the molasses part. It is sickly sweet so wouldn't it be a food for cancer?

  9. what about baking soda, one warm water with molasses twice a day.In stage four I read that it cured it.

  10. Kristin L Kindinger. Yes that is the same one.

  11. Following! A lot if great info!! Thank you all for taking the time to share!

  12. Kristin, THC kills cancer! CBD keeps it from growing and spreading. But THC is the main tool for almost all cancers if not all. Many excellent protocol/diet/supplements suggestions on this thread. Several I had not heard about and am learning now. Thanks!

  13. Helen, are talking about Essaic Tea named after the Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse?

  14. Jon barron, baseline of health has a product called blood support which contains the same ingredients as Cassie tea. I always feel very much healthier when I take it. Lots of info on his site. Very clever and ethical man.

  15. I was doing b17 also but it caused me a lot of jitters and anxiety. So I eat 2 raw apricot kernels a day and that's all of the b17. I also take Artemus with a mushroom complex 🙂

  16. Thanks for looking my page "CANCER CURES FROM HEAVEN" Kristin L Kindinger I'm trying to post allot of great things there…..

  17. That's cool all the of us have almost the same protocols Yris Quijano and jon Jon Amy Jessup keep up the holistic way of healing

  18. Jon, that's awesome ! Your protocol is pretty similar what my husband is taking… He is just taking as an addition B17, astragalus, fucoidan, blend of medicinal mushrooms as maiitake, shiitake, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, agaricus…. Also graviola and baking Soda with lemon.. I just added wheat grass….he is remission now (a month ago) … We are keeping the same protocols until next clear scans.. And then go to maintenance dosage… 🙂 keep it up!

  19. JonAmy Jessup, thanks for sharing your protocol and keep on healing.

  20. Also do not take flax or flax oil when dealing with hormone cancers (thyroid, pituitary, breast, ovarian, uterine, etc.)

  21. I do black seed oil, raw hemp oil, milk thistle, curcumin, transfer factor, caprylex, digestive enzymes, coconut oil, lypo vit c.

  22. Have you had any surgeries or medical interventions? I chose 100% natural treatments.

  23. I also have thyroid cancer. The oil takes a long time for thyroid issues, especially cancers (my understanding from others experience. I have now been at a gram or more a day of the cannabis oil for 20 days. I was building up for 110 days before that. The tumor has not grown and now this week I think it's starting to feel smaller. I have a scan next week so we will see!
    I think diet was a HUGE game changer for me. 85% raw veg juice (beet, carrot, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, sweet potato, apple, ginger, cayenne), 1 organic salad a day with chia seeds and nutritional yeast, sprouted raw organic almonds for snack, and a brown rice, spirulina, dandelion greens with almond milk shake in the morning. I am breastfeeding also and feel awesome now!

  24. Thanks, Angel!

  25. Ok I'll get the list to you..I also used essential oils

  26. Angel, please send me info on Valley Fever. I've been winging it.

  27. Angel, I would also add CBD to my list.

  28. Wow, Angel! I just bookmarked your site under Alternative Cancer Cures. You follow many of the things I would do if I had cancer, especially the Ojibwa tea, liposomal Vit. C and juicing. You protocol looks great! Keep up the great work on yourself and as a holistic counselor!

  29. My protocol is all fungus killing cancer killing Kristin L Kindinger

  30. Kristin L Kindinger my son had valley fever we almost lost him..I used collider silver and black walnut.olive leaf and caprilic acid…we healed him in three months….

  31. To cure cancer THC and CBD together (cannabis Oil) 🙂

  32. Angel, with your case, that looks like more evidence in support of cancer as fungus.

  33. I N T E R E S T I N G

  34. If I had cancer (which I do not), and if cancer was a fungus, I would use colloidal silver to kill it. The reason for that is that Diflucan (fluconazole) is made with fluoride (a toxin). I am using Colloidal Silver for my fiance's Valley Fever (a fungal disease). Two weeks after starting the silver, his fungus titer was "0," which it had never been in 3 years! Will wait for 3 more months of tests before I get really excited. I have been concerned about the use of Diflucan because the fluoride is liver toxic. He needs monthly testing on his liver enzymes because of it.

  35. She argued with me said I was crazy cancer was not fungus. She told me the cancer had grown back in five weeks that it was so aggressive that I had About 3Weeks to live. So I have no idea why she gave me Diflucan. I was already taking things to kill fungus. I know I knew I was on the right track,,,,,, I do think the Diflucan help kill the fungus in my blood,,,, I would suggest anybody with late stage cancer or any cancer take Diflucan everything in the world that kill fungus

  36. Angel: So when the doctor prescribe Diflucan you knew that the doctor thought it was a fungus. Therefore you treated your cancer as though it was a fungus with anti fungals and became a survivor….

  37. Doug kaffman know the cause goes in to great detail on cancer is a fungus. And the use of Diflucan. It helped kill the fungus in my body and I just kept on doing everything I knew kill fungus I was given three weeks to know it's been almost 3 years

  38. Yes but it's an anti fungal the doctor argued with me and said cancer is not fungus but after she told me I had three weeks to live she gave me a prescription for Diflucan and pain pills and other antibiotics but I refuse to take pain pills And I don't take anabiotic either but I kept muscle testing positive for this one antibiotic could not understand why my body wanted an antibiotic after about a week I looked it up and was antifungal

  39. Yes, it is, Helen.

  40. Diflucan is a pharma product?

  41. A blog I wrote on the fungus cancer link. I know Diflucan. And all the natural things I was doing to kill fungus stopped my stage four cancer from metastasizing anymore,,,-cancer free for over two years now

  42. Yes, Ken, Dr. Simonicci is the one! Thanks for posting the video.

  43. Reliv products

  44. Yes, Helen. There is one doctor who thinks cancer IS a fungus.

  45. There is a theory that fungus infections (candida etc) are the pre cursor to cancers. Certainly fits with the no sugars no carbs / acid alkaline theory.

  46. Just a natural antibiotic? It's a natural antiviral and anti fungal.

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