My thyroid check yesterday was awful


My thyroid check yesterday was awful. I gained 6 lbs this week. 30 lbs total gain since she started treating me. I asked her to increase my meds to what it was three months ago. I told her I kept diary of thyroid medication ( that she changes constantly), dose, weight, and side effects, etc. for two years. Chart showed higher dose of NDT lead to weight loss, no pain, energy, sleep, etc. She walked over and put her hand on top of mine and said you have to stop blaming thyroid for weight gain, fatigue, etc. You have other conditions…fibro and depression. I don’t have fibro. My muscle pain/spasms/weakness disappeared when I started taking Florenif. This medication that I started taking this week caused my depression today. I started crying and said I am sick of being sick and overweight. I told her my heart was struggling on lower dose of med she prescribed and I couldn’t see her until 3 month appointment. I explained I went to PCP for help and didn’t get any. Endo knows PCP. I asked what am I supposed to do when I feel so ill I think I am going to die and can’t see her? She claims higher dose of med will weaken my bones. Yet, she prescribed it for over a year. My bone density is good. Two specialists she sent me to said pain, etc is thyroid related.

I left her office with rx I can’t fill, and lab and office appointment for 6 weeks and more depressed. Not sure I want to go back.

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  1. Are you able to find someone else in a reasonable amount of time? I couldn't put up with being treated that way. My Endo keeps me at the lowest point within range otherwise I feel awful. She should listen to you.

  2. I'm sorry! Might give some thought to another doc???

  3. I have been looking for another doctor for over a year. None in my area that are any better.

  4. My # was 7 this time I can't remember what you call it. Changed synthroid to 200 mg.

  5. I felt totally unheard as well and last week and left feeling more depressed- and hopeless and a referral to a rheumatologist at least for more testing… frustrating

  6. How is your diet ?

  7. My doctor does want to prescribe any meds because TSh is good. But my t3 hormone is low.

  8. At that appointment she also suggested GF/DF which I again I felt she wasn't listening because just because I watch what I eat anyway I don't eat a lot of carbs and therefore don't eat a lot of gluten but I am now trying to cut the gluten down even more. MY problem has been hives- I have had hives almost daily since November- hands, eyes and feet and unexplained weight gain similar to yours…..I exercise regularly and watch what I eat there is no way I should be what I am currently

  9. How many calories do you eat a day? You may also have food allergies intolerance that cause your weight gain . If she believes that the gain weight is not caused by thyroid problem , she should run additional tests . Insulin and glucose curve , testosterone , leptin, sex hormones , prolactin.

  10. Fire her. She is not treating your symptoms like she should. Check into seeing a naturopathic or functional practitioner ASAP you need total body healing!

  11. You are you're own best advocate and are doing everything right. Find a new doctor. Her lack of knowledge, understanding of your concern, and ability to really listen is unacceptable.

  12. Sorry to hear your difficulty with your physician. There are always other ones out there! What is your level now and at what dose, and what was your level and at what dose when you said you felt your best?

  13. Fire her! You will find another doctor. I used Thyrogold until I found another doctor when I fired mine.

  14. Find new doctor

  15. I've been forced to order Cytomel from Mexico and treat myself. I'm finally feeling better. I had such an amazing Endo in Illinois. When I moved to Florida things went down hill. I swear the Drs in a 50 mike radius are 30 years behind

  16. You need to find a new doctor, fast. My endo for 5 years was like this. I had lost 80lbs and my weight stalled. When told her it was because of my dose change, she told me it wasn't and recommended that I get gastric bypass.

    I found a functional MD that I'm working with, he reduced my Synthroid from 175, to 150, and now 125. He I working with me on diet changes. I've since lost an addition 25 pounds and weight loss feels possible again.

  17. This was how my doctor was with me for the past two years.
    I fired her and found a new doctor two weeks ago.
    I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid 5 years ago and had never heard of Hashimoto until last week when my blood work came back crazy despite being on thyroid meds.

    I'm new to all of this and learning but I, like many, spent years getting tested and treated for all kinds of things and now I know that 90% of those issues all go back to Hashimoto.

    So my advice is, get your records and find a new doctor.

  18. Go to another endocrinologist. She's clearly not listen.

  19. time to fire the doctor and find a better one.. be strong!

  20. When Iam on diet from my dietitian which is low glikemic , no gluten no dairy and I excersize 3 4 times a week ,, my weight stays the same. As soon as I try to eat healthy but a little bit more , I start gaining weight quickly. Does not matter what I do , I cannot lose weight

  21. Fire her and see someone else. She obviously doesn't understand this condition! This past year, I started gaining weight, feeling sick, etc. I thought it was due to my age and having a baby in my late 30's. Inam a fitness trainer so i exercise ALL the time and eat clean but I was still gaining weight and it wasn't muscle gain. It was fat! I hadn't seen a dr in a year (I had a year prescription). Turns out my dose was a bit high. Once it was adjusted, my symptoms completely disappeared and the weight is MELTING off. If you want to start feeling better, see someone who know what he/she is doing. Your health depends on it!!!

  22. Do your labs show you need a med increase?

  23. Hashimotos is crazy. My levels have bounced in past8 years but thinkits stress

  24. Antibodies are abnormmal with hashimotos, it ruined my eye muscles and gave me graves eye too hypo thyroid, get puffy all the time

  25. Look into aip protocol. Life changing!

  26. Sounds like you need a different doctor!

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