My whole body trembles


So when I am in a stressful situation or a confrontation of sorts, I always get shaky. Like Parkinson’s kinda shaky. My whole body trembles. Once I get past the situation then Im fine again.

Is this just how I react to stress or is it indicative of something else?

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  1. I have the same reaction

  2. Adrenals for sure

  3. Following! Last time I was at the dentist they brought in a bunch of sheets to cover me because I was shaking so much… I wasn't cold

  4. Yes all day long all depends on your body

  5. I don't believe in stress and anxiety there is always something underlining

  6. I guess I will tell everyone a secret I heard from a doctor and a nurse everyone that has mental issues has adrenal fatigue if they where to fix everyone they would not make any money off of prescription does that make sense it does to me

  7. Panic attacks are real. I have gotten better at making them stop. It's all in the breathing.

  8. How about trembling pointer finger and thumb? Same issue, adrenals?

  9. Magnesium depletion. Same for me.

  10. Look into adrenal fatigue. I had the same symptoms.

  11. I have tachycardia and have had a catheter ablation due to a heart rate of 212 bpm. I still deal with heart arrythmias all the time. Is this an indication of magnesium depletion and possible mineral issues too? I am very new on this site.

  12. This has happened to me and I think it is stress. Never been fond of the dentist but went a few months back and my jaw quivered uncontrollably. I was so embarrassed.

  13. I get this. Like inside my body shivers! .? It's annoying, doesn't happen to Often, when I'm excited/nervous

  14. A confrontation always makes me shake, real bad but i think it is from holding myself back from slapping/punching the crap out of person confronting me. Truth then i settle down. I am 62 n so far i have not killed anyone but not from wanting too. Just saying..fight or flight. A normal reaction.

  15. Adrenal fatigue they are taxed out you need meds

  16. Mine went away after bout 6 months on protovol n about month on mag water every day

  17. Implement the full Mg protocol.

  18. Michelle I get them every day! All the time.

  19. This has been going on since last September. I thought it was heart related and still believe it could be. Have had a ton of ekg's, blood work, ct angiogram, holter monitors, stress test and echo. All work up for gi issues too.

  20. yes totally

  21. I found out I am estrogen dominate, low vit d, 3 low cortisols and 1 high, low iron/ferritin, thyroid issues. I am taking some things (iron, mag and hydrocortisone) but they still are here and they are eating me alive. I get so tense from them my neck and back are all tight

  22. I got the heart palps (and everything else, almost crippled) after being poisoned by Cipro and Levaquin antibiotics. My only cure has been trying to follow this protocol and other holistic ways.

  23. I learned this from full contact fighting. You have 30 seconds or so from the time you get an adrenaline rush til everything starts turning into lactic acid and cortisol… What I mean is, when you get the adrenaline rush you need to MOVE otherwise those hormones start working against you
    You want to quickly warm your muscles up and start using some of that energy for movement or the adrenaline works against you and slows you down, makes you weaker etc

    Feel adrenaline…pace and move

  24. normal reaction to stress

  25. I do the same thing! It's more exhausting than the confrontation!

  26. Adrenals! I've been shaking permanently for 6 months now (since giving birth), my adrenals are so weak I've been bedridden and house bound for most of that time. When my stress increases, my shakiness massively increases 🙁

  27. Adrenal fatigue. I get it, too.

  28. I'm not ruling out a contributing nutritional factor, but because it is happening in such specific situations (stress & confrontation) it sounds like a normal, natural physical response to being triggered into your fight/flight response (aka 'stress' response). We are triggered when something about the current situation is reminding the emotional centre of our brains of something frightening that happened in the past, often a long time ago when we were children. This is especially the case if our parents were prone to stress/anxiety/anger themselves and/or perhaps they were strict, disciplinarian etc. Grounding techniques will help, and ultimately appropriate therapy is usually needed to resolve these responses 🙂

  29. Dear Kim,

    Have you had any recent labs.
    I suffered similar symptoms in the past but feeling well on this protocol.

    Hope we can help. ️

    The recommended labs….

  30. Me too, I believe it's because of my struggling adrenals.

  31. If you have low cortisol then you have excess adrenaline. With AF or adrenal insufficiency the adrenaline will keep you shaking longer than normal.

  32. My kneecaps especially!

  33. Can you take the cocktail at night or other hours? Or if you don't follow the 10am and 3pm times, would it screw up the circadian rhythm of cortisol? I thought that was the point, to reset cortisol properly.

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