Natural cure for the H Pylori bug?


I wonder if someone can help me, please. I need to know if there is a natural cure for the H Pylori bug? I want to kill it, not just treat or contain it. Have had severe reflux for several years but right now it is just about impossible. I have used raw cider vinegar, good quality pro-biotics, Aloe Vera juice, B Complex etc. but nothing is working. I have to sit up all the time and my acid is burning my throat incessantly and doing damage. Had the H Pylori treated with antibiotics several years ago and it went away but it’s back now and the treatment with antibiotic therapy is not nice but I DO want to kill the bug. Oh, have also tried fermented foods etc. Nothing is working. I do have a weak sphincter muscle. Any suggestions?

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  1. Clare…you need a good herbal protocol…antibiotics last resort…Biotics Research has several products that can help…then retest ( and family members…tends to run in families)…I did not have Hpylori…I had c-diff and I worked with an FDN practitioner and got rid of it with herbals. Then you need to build in a good biome…get rid of biofilm. PM me if you need more info.

  2. Out of curiosity, do any of you who have suffered from h pylori also struggle with rosacea? I have been reading about the connection between the two. I have not been tested for the bug but definitely have been having reflux issues for years, with what seems to be a low acid environment (food comes up and doesn't even burn most of the time) and also have rosacea which has been flaring badly of late.

  3. Manuka honey with the 16 factor is supposed to help kill Hpylori. It also helps with strep, mrsa etc.

  4. mastic gum too

  5. can't speak to the connection you speak of, Meg. but i had rosacea about 10-12 years ago that lasted about a year. at the time i couldn't figure out why or how (it was frustrating), never ever had it growing up. but in looking back it has occurred to me that mine must've been hormonal (starting perimenopause).

  6. Iodine!!!!! It's not only a natural antibiotic/ antifungal, but it helps cure the gut! Read Dr David Brownstein's book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It.

  7. But if she has hashi iodine a big no!

  8. Lisa Kimberly, I hope mine is not perimenopausal. I'm only 35! (And I've had it for the last 5 years or so…)

  9. Not necessarily no iodine according to Dr. Brownstein. I have Hashi's and iodine gives me energy that nothing ever has so far. It's also gotten rid of my ovarian cysts and breast cysts. I would suggest taking selenium if you do try iodine. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium and it doesn't take much, 1-2 a day to get what you need. You could look into Essential Oils also and see if there is an oil, which I am think there is, to help rid your body of the h.pylori bug.

  10. Read about coconut oil, it is suppose to kill Hpylori. Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic, kills viruses and fungi.

  11. That is what Dr Mercola said!

  12. Try DiGize from Young Living Essential Oils. I have suffered for years as well, and I've been amazed at how well it works. I rub a little behind each ear, some on my throat area, and stomach area. You can also put one drop in water or capsule, and drink it.

  13. i'm confused…
    are Young Living and DoTerra oils made for ingesting?

  14. I see both oregano oil and iodine is mentioned…yes to both I take Lugols. You can add mastic gum and coconut oil…… and garlic, turmeric, cayene pepper.

  15. I'll stick with DGL in dealing with H.Pylori.

  16. Lisa, I don't know about DoTerra oils. I know that Young Living Oils are food grade, many of the oils and oil combinations are safe to ingest.

  17. It's not a good idea to ingest essential oils…. no matter the marketing hype of some companies.

  18. I agree with the essential oil; I took dried herbs…… still use a lot in food.

  19. Lisa Kimberly – do not confuse licorice with DGL, they are quite different. And, it is always wise to learn at any drug and what it may interact with as well as what it depletes.

  20. dōTERRA oils can be ingested safely in small quantities.

  21. Can I admit being illiterate? What is DGL?

  22. I love DGL for any kind of GI upset. It always works for me. So thankful for it at times!

  23. Deglycerolized licorice.

  24. Gi-synergy k-64 by apex energetics (herb combo) 2 pkg per day for 45 days. You must take probiotics and should take HCL to increase stomach acid.

  25. Can DGL raise BP like licorice can?

  26. Turpentine, or mastic gum.

  27. Barbara oneill video should be watched! She's amazing. Quick spoiler ~ do not drink with meals. Ever.

  28. I loved her video. And I found Prescript assist the only probiotic that really worked well for me. Just sent a link to my sick niece this morning.

  29. I have read too many times not to believe its effectiveness but it is the lauric acid in coconut oil that gets rid of almost everything bad; fungi, viruses, inculding H. Pylori (had extensive testing done that revealed h. pylori. It runs in families because it is so easily passed from one person to another, my father had it with ulcers. I cringe when I see people kissing their children and everyone else they greet on the lips because of what I have learned) . 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. I began noticing relief almost immediately after beginning to consume the coconut oil. I wish you the best.

  30. Also, I watched a video a doctor did one day on a series of health videos another doctor set up, and his recommendation for H. Pylori was to take licorice for a period of time to reduce all the inflammation h.pylori produces and then use mastic gum (not cheap) to erdicate it. If you take licorice you may need to use the dyglycerized (DGL) version if you have high blood pressure. I have extremely low pressure due to adrenal problems and regular licorice extract drops have helped wonderfully to raise my extremely low coritsol levels amongst the other wonderful things licorice accomplishes. So it appears there are a number of remedies that nasty h. pylori does not like and people have had success with. Regular antibiotics is NOT one of them. They do not work and put you at risk for many other dangerous health problems. p.s licorice and DGL ARE the same; DGL is just licorice that has been dyglycerized. Learn the difference.

  31. And btw, h. pylori reduces your stomach acid to almost nothing so you do not have sufficient stomach acid to digest your food and absorb the nutrients from it (why your health suffers so) so you may have to take apple cider vinegar or hydrocloric acid with pepsin with meals to increase and replace your depleted stomach acid. The lack of stomach acid damages your sphincter muscle at the top of your stomach so it does not close properly and allows the small amount of stomach acid you do have to enter the esophageal tube; hence the constant burning acid reflux.

  32. Mastic Gum!

  33. Thank you all so much for you help, advice and input.. It is greatly appreciated. 🙂 I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier; I went down with a nasty migraine. MJ Hamp, thank you for letting this thread continue. I wasn't sure if Magnesium (which I already take) would be helpful, so I thought it might be alright to post here. If it is the inappropriate forum, I apologise, it was hard to be sure. 🙂 To answer a couple of questions; yes, I definitely do have a return of my H Pylori as I was recently hospitalised for an acute kidney infection and they tested for it then and found it to be present. I have tried all the things I mentioned in my post, with no benefit, but I am continuing with most of the things for the sake of my gut flora. I shall give the oregano oil a try and see how it goes. Some of the things mentioned above are not available in Australia and the cost of having the items imported from the US is prohibitive for me as I live on a fixed income. Thank you all, I am extremely grateful, once again.

  34. My mom uses essential oils to ride her h pylori. Her test came back negative!

  35. Jessica Marie Morales, what essential oils did your mother use?

  36. I will ask her. She mentioned putting some in a capsule.

  37. Melody, what is HCL?

  38. Hydrochloric acid

  39. Fyi this recipe is for adults

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