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Hey!! So my Mom just got diagnosed with hashimo’s. She’s had hypothyroidism for like 22 years. We just moved across the country back in December & her symptoms all the sudden came on & got really scary. We have a lot of questions, like do you guys recommend a natural doctor or a regular MD? We’ve not ever been to a natural doctor before moving this year, so we’re not really sure how to feel about them. Also a natural doctor put my Mom on drenatrophin PMG as well as thyrotrophin pmg, but she’s currently weaning herself off of those. Is there any dangers in doing that? Does anyone have any experience with those? Also she is still taking her synthroid, she’s been on that for 22 years, getting it adjusted when she needed to. Can you manage hashimo’s with synthroid alone without other added pills? Thank you 🙂

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  1. Yes, the treatment for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is the same, it’s the Synthroid your mom is already taking. Since 90% of cases of hypothyroidism are caused by Hashimoto’s, she has very likely had it all along but was not yet specifically diagnosed.

  2. “natural” doctors are a scam. They are just out for money. Do not be fooled. They also give false/fake diagnoses to keep you coming back and order lots of tests that A- are not medically recognized (because they are not accurate or are flat our wrong) and B- you dont need.

  3. The supplements the natural doctor put your mother on are unregulated.

  4. Yes, many natural “doctors” aren’t doctors at all. Be very cautious.

  5. If your mom suddenly had symptoms again she may just need to have her Synthroid increased.

  6. Has she had an ultrasound of her thyroid gland done?

  7. Why didn’t they test her antibodies 22 years ago? Most people with hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s, but they need an antibody test to diagnose it. I believe there are many people who have Hashi’s and don’t even know it. Okay, rant over. I would recommend an Endocrinologist.

  8. Oh, and I can get that stuff that the “natural doctor” put her on from amazon. It doesnt actually do anything

  9. Thank you guys so much for your advice. That’s actually very helpful. So basically you’re saying if she finds a real Endo & just adjusts her diet, that’s all she needs to do?
    Basically we just moved across the country & that’s when her symptoms flaired up, could that have been brought on by stress?
    Also, have u guys ever heard of thyrotrophin pmg & drenatrophin PMG, cause she is trying to wean herself off of those, but is fee really tire & jittery. Why do u think that is?

  10. I don’t know where you guys are getting all this strange info about alternative doctors. I have learned much about this disease o?ver the last year and one thing I have learned is that a naturopath will be the most likely to understand your problems,order appropriate blood tests and start you on natural thyroid.A naturopath has had three more years of training than the average physician!!

  11. What these other ladies have said. The only thing a natural doctor will relieve you of is your money. You’ll spend lots of cash on placebo.

    I see my regular doctor for my thyroid and my rheumatologist keeps an eye on it as well.

  12. Many with Hashis are nonconverters and need t3 meds to help convert the t4 meds. Synthroid never worked for me. I added a low dose of liothyronine (generic Cytomel) and switched from Synthroid to Tirosint (gluten free and less fillers). I feel 1000 times better. Also my vitamin d was very low -19. I supplement. Now about 60. Blood tests are very important like every month until optimal also at least annual ultrasounds to watch for changes in nodules. Diet important too. Research AIP diet.

  13. I agree with several comments and disagree with some as well. 1st off do your research even when I comes to doctors. Second- you can treat the Thyroid part with medication, but the autoimmune part is addressed by diet, supplements (vitamins such as selenium, b, d, iron, and zinc) and lifestyle changes. If you don’t understand this or are willing to make changes you will never feel 100%. Personally, the first doc I saw was an ass and a quack but I used him to finally get treatment…..he was basically a stepping stone on the journey. Long story short-my endo who is amazing had me see a functional doctor that she worked with-they both got to the root cause and addressed the gut issues, hormonal issues and vitamin issues that were affected by this. My functional doctors goal was to heal what needed to be healed and be done-and for me not to have to keep going back. I still see my endo and I am 110% better after years of hell.

  14. You can manage Hashimotos with nothing. It all depends on your numbers and your bodies tolerance to things. I take no medications but manage my symptoms mainly with rest, extra sleep when I need it, relaxing when I am stressed. I have tried Armour and Synthroid without results from either.

  15. Look for a functional or integrative doctor x

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