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Question: My 20 year old son has had Hashimoto since he was 14. He’s always been super tall and thin… healthy. However, now he is struggling with anxiety. I know its due to the thyroid and those pesky symptoms. He’s gluten free and his levels are fine – best of all, he is diligent in taking his meds the same time every day. I was wondering what kind of natural remedies have you tried to help with anxiety? He doesn’t want prescriptions, but to follow the natural route. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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  1. ashwagandha

    It’s a natural supplement! That’s what my doctor suggested!

  2. Some people do not tolerate ashwagandha since it’s a nightshade.
    Make sure his level are optimal, not just “in range”…..that makes a huge difference with anxiety as well as depression.

  3. Valerian root. But start very low. Helps sleep too

  4. Exercise seems to help me.

  5. Try Ignatia Amara, it is a homeopathic remedy. I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since I was his age. I am now 26 and doing much better.

  6. Honestly, cannabis

  7. L- Theanine is my go to outside of xanax. Ashwagandha can elevate your thyroid hormones by the way.

  8. Probiotics without a doubt are my vote! I’m a huge believer in healing your microbiome
    as it’ connected to your brain (scientists call it your second brain) probiotics and prebiotics for sure!

  9. Not sure what meds your son is taking, but Synthroid gives me horrible anxiety. It goes away within days of stopping. I use Nature Throid instead. Also agree with a good probiotic.

  10. CBD oil or Gabatrol

  11. Probiotic recommendations?

  12. The new word out is melatonin for healthy sleep,sleep makes a big difference.,at least for me
    I bought the melatonin,but honestly take Klonopin at nite for sleep,it only helps,it’s not PERFECT. So sorry for your young son’s condition, Thankfully he’s tolerating fairly well,considering his age and simply he’s a boy turning into a man,I feel for you and yours. Good luck for your son’s future,and yours too,VERY UNSETTLING AND UNNERVING not having the exact answer for our kids,for me,I wanted EVERYTHING for them before me,I loved making my kids happy ,even as sick as I was, I kept it moving,for them and my family.

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