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Good morning everyone. I posted in the group a few days ago and never got an answer… 🙁 Has anyone ever tried these? If so, did you like them?

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  1. NatureMade is not a high quality brand. Lots of cheap, unnecessary fillers.

  2. Yes but it works

  3. If I am not mistaken the ingredients on that bottle list fake toxic dyes.

  4. If you can buy it at a grocery store or Walmart, it's crap! Don't waste your $$$.

  5. If it works – finish the bottle and then find something better.

  6. Works for some, not for others, didn't for me.

  7. The question is…do you like them? oxide works for some and not others…just like anything..try it out and see how you do.

  8. 80+% of the population has a deficiency in magnesium maybe this is the problem maybe not?

  9. Dustin Darabaris it's not good to take calcium and hormone-d in supplement form. The D causes calcium to absorb incorrectly and makes absolutely no sense to be paired with magnesium, when it is a primary depleter of magnesium. See files for more info on calcium and hormone-d.

  10. Brittany, if that's what you have, I'd take them and see how they work. Different types work differently on each of us. Too, not everyone considers some have a budget and you gotta figure that too. Good luck, hope you sort it all out.:)

  11. Thanks Holly Gaskill

  12. No prob. 🙂 Nature Made is a good value. And works.

  13. What brand Beverly J Brooks ?

  14. My mom likes this brand

  15. Yes, I am using this brand now and the 400mg is a little stron for me.. I some times skip a day., other than that I like it.

  16. MJ…do you still take Jigsaw? That's what I got based on this group's recommendation.

  17. What brand MoM should I get?

  18. Lynn Haines – I have never taken Jigsaw brand Mg malate. I had such painful response to two other brands in 1997 and 1998, I have no motivation to try it again.

  19. Jigsaw brand Mg malate is recommended by the owner of this group and works well for many.

  20. I use plain Milk of Magnesia. Because I like a bargain, I am currently buying DG brand at Dollar General stores. $2.00 for 12 ounces.

  21. It works.

  22. Anyone tried Magnesium Plus? Comments!

  23. What is it?

  24. This is the brand I take. They're ok. Not the best but OK.

  25. Karen: is Calm better than Mag Plus?

  26. This is exactly what I take and it works perfectly for me

  27. Seems I quickly read very recently someone writing that Mag Oxide 'lays down plaque in the arteries". Went back to read further and couldn't find. Has this already been discussed? Any truth to that?

  28. Interesting, as when I suffered from Hypercalcemia, Mag Oxide was one part of a regime I was treated with. But all co factors and other things as well.

  29. I have, but a diff brand name…It does help many. I alternate or use 3 different kinds of MAG…Like the Mag oil spray Life flo…burns a little, Magnesium water and epson salt foot baths or baths…also Magnesium Glycinate…;)

  30. Calm is the best thing ever. I sleep like a baby, and it cleanse my colon in the morning. Take it at night time.

  31. Best magnesium supplement hands down is Magnesium L-Threonate

    In my opinion

  32. This is a great Isotonic formula for Magnesium. No pills! Simply mix with water.

  33. I tried this from COSTCO.. and then switched to SRT JIGSAW omg what a difference, the JIGSAW.. we use epsom salt baths 3x a week and bought expensive MAG OIL to spay 3x a week. WHAT A CALMING difference.. when I take it all with co factors.. AMEN big difference, can't go a day without it! OR I am a loony tune short on patience!

  34. I started with the Nature Made brand from Costco and i saw improvement in my sleep almost immediately. It also helped with regularity (gentle nothing extreme) and overall I was very happy with the brand. I just bought CALM last week and so far I'm not adjusting well. My sleep is disturbed again and the morning effect is not as consistent. I'll keep with the CALM for now and hope I adjust. But I'd also recommend the Natures Made based on my experience.

  35. I take the calm it is fast acting, it does help me a lot.

  36. I keep hearing alot of positive things about the CALM. Where can I find it at?

  37. I got my Calm at a local health food store but I notice many people buy it from Amazon

  38. What does the bottle look like Monica Santos

  39. Britany Brittany Green – the product is Natural Calm by Natural Vitality. Many local stores carry it.

  40. Thanks. Can I find it at Walmart or cvs? MJ Hamp

  41. Gave me stomach issues….. these are well absorbed into your cells

  42. I would stick with the taurate.

  43. All our bodies are different. Figure out what works for you. It's fine to start with the cheap stuff- if you do well on it, then you'll never have to buy the more expensive forms. Some get tummy upset from mag oxide, but not everybody.

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