Naturopathic, Holistic and Homeopathic?


Can anyone tell me what the difference Is between Naturopathic, Holistic and Homeopathic Drs. Are? Also a Intergrative Medicine Dr? Ty!

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  1. Reiki is attunement to the Divine power within all of creation. This attunement is downloaded, imprinted within you using symbols that represent it and the ethical principles of practice as are taught by a Reiki master, Consciously directing the energy after asking to be a clear and pure channel for this healing energy to flow through you and using the symbols (these are motioned with your hands) will start the flow of energy. Your hands can be placed on the body of the person to be treated in a progressive way covering all major areas of the head and torso , as well any particular are of need. The treatment has a soothing and relaxing effect and helps bring the energy flow to the physical. It helps place the 'patient in a 'theta state of brain activity, which is calming the nervous system and then allows, the patients own healing force to be strengthened. Jesus did laying on of the hands. He also said What i do , you can do and more. We are all as a people growing into our Christ consciousness where miracles can happen- the attunement with the highest divine love is what counts. it flows through you. Meditate on this and ask to be guided.Blessings.

  2. And I so believe in the power of prayer that kinda what reiki is?

  3. Sylvia Christensen thank you so much for such a detailed explanation … she is open to anything ..she is very aware of natural medicines because of me ..we are also working on getting her on a real food formula is called liquid hope ..she has tried cannabis oil before and it did put her cancer into remission the first time now this time it isn't helping

  4. Why do we debate 'labels'?, what an egotistical waste of energy lol

  5. Homeopathy is a system of MEDICINES capable of treating aa large array of illness . A homeopath goes thru 5.5 years of medical education in India so he is designated as doctor.

  6. Megan Kelly Grimsley please read again my comment . This thread is going nowhere. So i will stick to what i said earlier about various practitioner and say no more. PS you need to know the difference between a doctor and a practitioner first.

  7. Megan you are rude.
    Regards to the question a chiropractor specifically works on adjustments and alignment and goes to school specifically for that. A naturopath goes to a naturopathic college to become an NR. They go through specific training to treat people with homeopathy and natural supplements and treatments my chiropractor and my naturopath do not do the same things as are not the same. So I can go to my naturopath who is also a biological medical doctor and receives vitamin IV s colonics lymphatic massage and various other treatments that I could never get at my chiropractor's office. He also prescribes specific supplements and naturopath treatments which might chiropractor does not offer. But my naturopath cannot give adjustments so their specific jobs are very different.

  8. Dear Angel ~ so sorry to hear about your grandma. Given that she is on a feeding tube with low nutrive, processed liquid going into her as her sole source of nourishment, it would be very difficult to actually help her bring her body back to balance through detoxing or nutritional supplementation. All practitioners that use natural therapies that are supportive (non toxic or harmful) for restoring health and address the person on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level are using a wholistic approach ( treating the whole of the person). Western medicine has specialists but fails to address the root causes of all disease ( the body is ill but the symptoms manifest in this way, as the body is trying valiantly to bring balance – eg -fever is beneficial and allows the immune system to go into higher activity) instead the focus is very narrow and is about eliminating symptoms with drugs or radiation, naming a disease, instead of investigating the reason for the symptoms and working with the body to help it heal itself. A naturopathic doctor is trained in using diet, herbs, supplements , homeopathics and perhaps some energy therapies in order to assist in restoring health. The cause of the illness is addressed and may involve the need for detoxification (gentle herbs and coffee enemas to take the toxic burden off the liver)and high nourishment liquids such as fresh juices that flood the body with nutrients, oxygen and enzymes to allow the body's vital forces to rally. It is the body that heals, directed by the spirit and the subconscious mind (which controls the physical) We are not only physical and our mental and emotional states, our beliefs affect the physical. A homeopath has training only in homeopathy unless stated otherwise in his training. Homeopathy can be very effective and is easy for the patient to comply with, as the homeopathic medicines themselves come in the form of a liquid (alcohol based) or a lactose based pellet, that is easy to swallow. Depending on the skill of the practitioner, the remedies chosen are suitable to the emotional, physical and constitutional needs of the patient. Assessment of what they need is lengthy and very detailed as the correct remedy is very effective.
    Chiropractors are trained in treating the spine with gentle manipulations to restore the energy flow of the nervous system which will affect the corresponding organs. Before anything manifests in the physical, there is already a withdrawal or a block of energy to a particular area of the body. One could go see a chiropractor, as well as a naturopath. Chinese medicine is over 5000 years old and is proven. It recognizes the energy (CHI) pathways that contribute to the well being of the person and correspond to the various organs. Blockages are found while examining the person and appropriate herbal medicinals, foods or teas or accupuncture is used to help restore life force. it is very effective. This is a very simple explanation. The important thing is what is your Grandma open to doing? if She is not that open, perhaps a Reiki treatment (laying on of hands that helps restore energy) would help her with emotional and physical stress or pain. Wishing you both all the best. You are a sweet and caring granddaughter and your Love will surely give her a big boost. You do not need training to lay your hands on her and pray for healing light to come through. Love heals.

  9. Angel Nicole Pettis-Black – I just wish to add that "holistic" means treating the whole body and bringing it into balance, because when the body is in balance, disease cannot exist. Any type of doctor can treat holistically, that is – if he wants to.

  10. INDIA is home fr all three types-naturopathy , homeopathy , holistic .. but the irony is who is to decide which will work fr u.
    tried ayurveda too fr my mother… but no trusted Dr or proff in any f the three dat i know of.

  11. What about Chinese medicine ..does anyone know anything about that ?

  12. i used to see a chiro until we discovered traditional/cranial osteopathy. chiro is an off-shoot of osteopathy. while i do believe there are some amazing chiros out there – i would never go back after working with an osteopath.

  13. Can u all take that elsewhere … I am trying to find alternative routes for my grandma who has non Hodgkins lymphoma for going on 2 years and is very bad off ..79 lbs and a feeding tube of nothing but sugar and chemicals and they are slowly killing her .. I really don't feel like reading the garbage yall are spewing ..I am overwhelmed enough already!

  14. What does WTF mean,…..?

  15. Sorry, lost in inflection…..I've had Massage therapists work for me,….bit Chiropractic is not massage therapy, although as I said, that our National and state Associations fault……..

  16. Swearing? Umm….you are a psycho and Im pretty sure you need an adjustment. BYE.

  17. Anyway,……find a DC, that has a multi aspect Nutritional practice, and you benefit from Treating the Body's Chemistry and Nervous system!

  18. Because that other person basically called chiros a massage therapist. …which is hilarious (and insulting)…that's why I said they're DOCTORS

  19. Can you express yourself without swearing?

  20. You said "LMAO,……."??????

  21. Let me explain in simple terms,…..
    There is nothing offered in "Natural" healthcare that a DC cannot do!

  22. Am I brainwashed? ?? A chiropractor is a doctor, I've been going to mine for 20 years wtf are you talking about? ?

  23. I know many people that are pro vax, follow modern medicine, etc and love their chiropractor…don't underestimate

  24. Yes Megan Kelly Grimsley, same as a dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, etc…..are you brainwashed?

  25. Angel Nicole Pettis-Black – its sad that the public has not been exposed to Chiropractic, just read the curriculum from any Chiropractic College, i. e.

  26. Lmao umm….chiropractor is a doctor!

  27. A Chiropractor has exposure in training to encompass everything in healthcare other than drugs or surgery.

  28. DrAnshita Balwani Rathore,…..that is not the definition of Chiropractic!

    Chiropractic philosophy includes all aspects of non drug, non surgical healthcare, which can include (by doctors choice if study) nutrition, diet, herbology, homeopathic, naturopathic, spinal (nervous system) care, acupuncture, physical therapies, massage therapy, etc.
    The general public doesn't understand 10% of what DC's are trained in, primarily the fault of our National Associations (which have done NOTHING for decades to educate or advertise the public).

  29. Naturopath is anything natural…vitamins, herbs, supplements, accupressure, fasting, etc. Homeopathic is part of naturopathic. …its a science of medicines very specific to that one individual.

  30. Homeopath has a degree in homeopathy and practices homeopathy. Naturopath practices Naturopathy. They all go to different schools,havr different philisophies on healing and practice differe t modes of healing . Integarted practioners practice a combination of therapies. Chiropracter is a common term for a Person practicing herbal/massage therapy/ accupressure etc.

  31. I guess I always thought chiropractic was for like back issues or something

  32. They do it all?

  33. CHIROPRACTIC includes at all……

  34. Thank you Jen! I am looking for my gma who has Non Hodgkins

  35. a naturopath isn't necessarily as schooled in homeopathy as a homeopath is – although i was lucky to find one who is. holistic could mean anything – a naturopath is holistic as is a homeopath. for me personally, i have had the best treatment from a naturopath who also specializes in homeopathy. =)

  36. I'm well aware of google. If you don't have a answer please keep your smart remarks to yourself.. I happen to only own a cell phone that has terrible Internet service so therefore I could be searching all night!

  37. …goggle dot com.

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