Neck soreness and pain after being glutened?


Do any of you get neck soreness and pain after being glutened? I used to have persistent neck stiffness and it’s gone away sense being GF. I was glutened on Sunday and my neck hurts so bad.
If so…. what do you do to make it go away?

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  1. I used to have joint stiffness when I’m glutened , I find that Tylenol works best and its easy on the stomach . along with a good hot and cold compress. Feel better 🙂

  2. I’ve had a pain in my neck for quite sometime. Thought it was the new mattress we bought over a year ago. Now that I’m GF merely a few days, it feels like it’s getting better already! I always did Advil but I didn’t know I had CD.

  3. Yes. I have alot of joint stiffness and pain after coming in contact with gluten. I also get very fatigued. Advil helps, but I find a nutritionally supported intermittent fasting day works best to rid my system of it.

  4. This is my main symptom. The neck pain causes headaches as well. Ibuprofen helps me.

  5. Ive had neck pain on the right side between my ear and spine for a little while now. GF related????? Hmmmm, tough question

  6. 2 yoga classes per week and daily yoga at home. My neck, shoulders, and back are all much stronger and pain free now. Plus I can stand on my head at 63 when I would never dreamed of it at 40.

  7. +1 on the fasting.

  8. I agree with Crystal. I got glutened Last week and I’m still suffering the side effects. Neck and shoulder stiffness that get sent to the upper arms and also can cause pain around the ears and lower jaw. I have found that Tylenol works best along with rotating between heat and ice and getting rest. Hope you feel better soon

  9. I used to get massages and I would take hot showers. I don’t know that any of this worked, but I felt better.

  10. Thanks everyone!

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