Negative effects of isolated D hormone?


Is there anyway to counter the negative effects of isolated D hormone?

I can not find a healthy (or any) prenatal that does not contain it. Ideally I know it’s best to have a well balanced diet to obtained all vitamins. However, that is unrealistic for me at the moment so prenatals are a must.

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  1. Here is what our very own Dr Thompson says

    There are no current perfect Prenatal vitamins of which I am aware. I created one, and it was, but back in the day, we were not selling enough to keep Innate Response happy, so they stopped production and will not start again, so far. I have not stopped trying. This one was correct for everyone. Until that is available again, (perfect for everyone), first of all please know the most important supplement during and before pregnancy after pure water (not alkaline) is Trace Minerals (sea salt derived, without sodium), at least 6.5 grams per day (15 tablets or 3 1/2 tsp divided to tolerance, no loose stools, minimum to equal the loss in pregnancy, chapter 6 of the Calcium Lie 2), next is Iodine 12.5 mg/day at the least, this increases baby IQ over 10 points and as I suggested in both chapter 6 of the Calcium Lie 2 and my Iodine book, may prevent Autism (the association of Bromine and Autism risk was confirmed in Feb 2016, mothers using brominated asthma inhalers during pregnancy were shown to have increased risk of having an autistic child, bromine is a huge issue, see my iodine book), Innate Response C (2 three times per day) is the only proven whole molecule C I know of in spite of many claims, no one has proven it to me and most lie and they can since google does not recognize ascorbic acid is not C nor does Wikepedia, Stabilized Rice Bran is high in the whole molecules of B1 (helps thyroid), B3 (essential for copper utilization), and B6 (needed for Magnesium utilization, the drug form of B6 may make the Mg problem worse(two to three heaping tablespoons per day). B9 should only be methyl folate in pregnancy (we sell Methly Max, but any B9 that says "Methly Folate" is OK), and B12 is from meat, A vitamin should only be from fresh vegetables (the drug beta carotene is toxic in pregnancy and can cause birth defects, chapter 7 of The Calcium Lie 2 ), Chromate as needed 1-4 per day, taken with meals prevents neonatal hypoglycemia, helps even weight gain, and taken correctly, eliminates Gestational Diabetes. D should be 2,000 units, never take high levels unless HTMA confirms low calcium. I currently consider Innate Prenatal ok, maybe the best, (1, 2x per day) but there is not enough whole C, so supplement with at least 2-4 per Innate C per day. I do not recommend Garden of Life vitamins. They will not prove their stuff adequately. Rice Bran has over 72 nutrients, keep it in airtight container in refrigerator of freezer to keep it from oxidizing. Blessings

  2. Take individual supps based on what you need instead of a prenatal. Bee pollen for your b's and folate. Iodine. Beef liver for your b12, zinc, and retinol A. CLO for your D. And whole food C of course 🙂

  3. I'm not sure about all this yet
    So many some one will help on this
    But this is the one I was taking

  4. Instead of a multi vitamin, take individual supplements for the nutrients you need- such as a B complex, whole food C, liver pills (if you don't eat liver) etc.

  5. How do I find out if my inhaler is a brominated asthma inhaler?

  6. It is not perfect, but is the best I know of for now. Available through also, along with Trace minerals, Innate C, Iodine, Selenium, and if needed chromate.

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