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My uncle said that you can overdose on potassium and the dr. told him no more than 1000 mg if potassium per day. I told him it depends on if you have the cofactors (magnesium etc.) then it shouldn’t matter. Anyone have any clarification on this?

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  1. My understanding is that the RDA for potassium is 4500mg from all sources. As a supplements, it's best to take small amounts several times a day. It needs to be kept in balance with sodium and magnesium… also electrolytes

  2. He told me my 2 coconut waters a day is an overdose… 750 mg each… its an electrolyte in itself. I do mag protocols and drink sole… there we go

  3. I remember hearing too much synthetic potassium can be bad for your heart

  4. I'm baffled at how dense doctors are when it comes to nutrition. Isn't it common knowledge what the potassium should be?! It's only listed on all food items! Smh…

  5. Yes… they are only trained in synthetics

  6. Bianca Craven – how does you body feel when you drink two a day? Do you feel balanced?

  7. I asked for it since Thursday when the baby was born. I just got it right now and feel automatically energized

  8. Potassium is what is used for open heart surgery to stop the heart. If serum levels go above 5 (normal range is 3.5-5) it can cause dysrhythmias. Levels of 8 are life threatening.

  9. What is a serum level and dysthymia

  10. Serum is blood. So the measurement in your blood 3.5-5 mEq/L. Dysrhythmias are irregular heart beats. Which can cause all sorts of issues including heart failure, blood clots and fluid buildup in places it shouldn't.

  11. Prescription potassium is difference than pot gluconate etc……

  12. Different

  13. My nefew was born with holes in his heart. He was premature and mom was deported after she gave birth. I honestly dont trust the doctors with him. 4 years old and hes doing better but they put tubes in his ears and overprescribe antibiotics. He is always in the hospital for ear infection and fever and constantly treated with Tylenol and advil…

  14. My ten year old prescription was for Potassium chloride, 20 MEQ, twice daily.

  15. What is an MEQ? I take a 99 mg a day and cream if tartar twice a day. never added it up. I'm low in potassium and sodium according to the hmta.

  16. WHOA! 4500?! I take a capsule of 99 per day! MJ – could you tell me what taking that much would do for me? I did not realize it was that important!

  17. I don't know if your uncle has any specific health issues that require him to keep his potassium lower- that advice may apply to your uncle specifically rather than being "general advice for healthy living."

    In general, ratios of one mineral to another matter more than total amounts of them (except for trace minerals that can be toxic at "low" doses.) If you're getting lots of magnesium and sodium, you can have (and may need) more potassium.

  18. High K+ can cause arrythmias of the heart, heart attack & ultimately death. Be careful & get your K+ tested w/ a blood draw to see what serum levels are.

  19. Low K+ can cause arrythmias too!

  20. Kidney processes most of K+ in our bodies!

  21. What are symptoms of low potassium?

  22. I believe the rda for potassium is 3,700 mg if I remember correctly

  23. Blanca, your uncle is right … and he did the right thing running it by his doctor. When in doubt, Blanca, check the internet.

  24. But why so much?

  25. April Manning Stanfield

  26. 20mEq =1500mgs If I'm not mistaken

  27. But taking a lot of magnesium can deplete potassium

  28. Who better than your own MD who knows your case history is better prepared to answer these kind of questions?

  29. It's quite obvious that the Dr. who told you that is grossly uneducated.

  30. Who are you referring to, Anthony? Not me, I hope. My doctors are highly educated.

  31. This has been wondering too, I drink at least 2 glasses of coconut water a day; according to my htma I have low potassium and sodium.

  32. RBC potassium is the best test to know your potassium score I add potassium to my drinking water so I get so w throughout the day. We do not get what we need from food. Low potassium can cause racing heart and heart palps. I don't trust any allopathic dr. They work for big pharma, trained by them. No thanks .

  33. I like my doctor as a cool guy. But the ammount of drugs my family has been prescribed only to hear on the tv that they have been recalled. Id be a fool to not question every word that comes out of their mouth. Havnt been in 4 years never felt better.

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