Non edible things like shampoo and lotion?


Whoa wait.. there’s Gluten in non edible things like shampoo and lotion? This is not a debate I just wanna know what to watch for on labels. I have a 7 year old with NCGS and I just wanna make sure I’m covering both sides of exposure.

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  1. Its in everything!!

  2. It’s even in finger paint!

  3. Yes everything!

  4. Playdough! Ugg

  5. You can make your own playdough Brandi Marten

  6. Its tuff out there for us

  7. I’m thinking my hair dye might be getting me

  8. Holy moly!!! So dumb question but it’ll say “gluten” on the ingredients? I’m wondering because we’ve changed her diet and she still is sick

  9. Yez, what does it list as ingredients that would be great to know

  10. I found any hair products that are thickening have gluten – shampoo, like a beach spray and some hair sprays.

  11. I agree with Lenny. Every thing has gluten. I am even doubtful of anything I eat. I should know more at my age.

  12. So question…if I am one of those silent celiac folks, and have no symptoms, do I still need to watch out for topical gluten ingredients? So confused sometimes. 1 month on GF diet and still trying to figure all this craziness out

  13. Yes Sylvia, just because you feel “fine” or have no symptoms damage is still being done

  14. Play doh, too!

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