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Question: is it possible that the non ultra magnesium spray is more effective in inducing deep sleep than the ultra? I tried the ultra for a few days and had a heck of a time sleeping. I switched back to the original brand and slept like a baby again. Your thoughts? Oh magnesium sages?

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  1. Didn't know that.

  2. Could just be me and my reaction to it. But I definitely noticed it.

  3. Yes totally. MSM is very energizing

  4. Is this safe for children? Does it burn?

  5. What's the difference

  6. Whered you get these

  7. The one with MSM has MSM, but less magnesium chloride. The bottle to the right does not have MSM, but it has twice the amount of magnesium chloride, if I remember correctly.

  8. Could I add msm to my mag oil?

  9. Jen Pierson make sure you don't get MSM spray….

  10. I've not noticed a difference. But I've not used it long ,nor do I know if I'm using enough. How much do you use?

  11. How much do you all use of this?

  12. There is a recipe for Mg lotion in aloe vera with MSM in Photos > Albums > Recipes

  13. I buy mine in nz at the omaru pharmacy they are very on to it and hold all that brand

  14. I drink Coconut Water it has many minerals especially Magnesium plus I enjoy this juice cold on hot days.

  15. I too would like to know because I just bought the Ultra.

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