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I am a new patient– 3.5 months old– I just wonder if anyone with Hashimoto Disease has been able to get a definite recovery and has returned to their normal health condition ? Thanking in advance for your answers-

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  1. The thyroid medication should give you symptom relief if you are on a high enough dose but the disease is chronic, there is no cure.

  2. I am using euthyrox 25 mg everyday–just started 3 weeks ago+ supplements for 2.5 months-

  3. 25 mcg is a very low starter dose. Make sure your doctor doesn’t let you stay on it for too long. He/she should be testing and increasing at regular intervals.

  4. my thyroid hormones were twice at normal range–maybe that was the reason for the low dose–ok.will recheck about it with my doctor– thanks a lot Christina (y)

  5. It’s normal to start at a low dose, usually 25mcg or 50 mcg and then move up. If your TSH was high it means you are hypothyroid.

  6. I’ve heard of it going into remission but it never goes away, if that’s the question.

  7. I’m in remission, meaning that without thyroid medication my hormones are within range and I am symptom free. I doesn’t mean I am cured, but I hope if I keep up the diet that got me here, I’ll be fine. I was on increasing levels of levo for 15 years and never felt as good as I do now.

  8. I’m going through a great period of health right now. I played racquetball for a couple of hours, had enough energy to play tennis afterwards. Went shopping and made dinner, did laundry….this has been my energetic life since October. Whooohoooo.

  9. and what is the secret Ms.Ryan ?

  10. I’m about 95% better, I take Armor and doTERRA essential oils and products. It’s taken a consistent 3 years of detoxing, and being consistent with the natural products but so thankful that I feel better. I do have flare ups still but not as bad and not as long and I’ve really learned to listen to my body and rest when I need it. Hope you find what helps you, I know how depressing and frustrating it can all be.

  11. I was diagnosed with hashi 6 years ago …4.5 years ago my thyroid removed ….1 year ago switched from levothyroxine to Armour …best decision I made ….my biggest struggle is ibs …wich I found ibs urgency probiotic that has tremendously helped with that …my only other major issue was night time anxiety my Dr prescribed ammitryptiline for that great …..I eat semi healthy and workout somtimes ….I don’t stress on my daily differences thanks to hyper/hypo swing …what i have 1 day I may not have the next and it’s nothing I can’t deal with ….this on top of being in perimenopause on top of it ….don’t get your symptoms confused with somthing that may not be hashi related

  12. why did you remove your thyroid Ms.Carla?

  13. Nicole would you mind sharing what oils you used to heal? I am very interested but don’t know which are most beneficial and in what dosage.

  14. My secret? Switched to Triosint, gave up gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol. It took a while for my body too heal itself so don’t expect over night results. It took months of healthy eating too feel better.

  15. What is triosint? Sometimes you can heal your body, sometimes, it is too late and your thyroid is permanently dead, like mine

  16. The issue is not Hashis for me. I started on thyroid meds well over 13 years ago. I was having symptoms at least 15 years ago. I don’t remember what normal feels like…I had my boys 18 and 20 years ago….once you have kids your whole life changes. The only time I have felt really great in the last 15 years was the 6 months following removal of my ovaries. During that time the dr had not dropped my meds…my TSH was .29 and I felt FANTASTIC!!!! Then my dr dropped the amount of t3 and I gained weight and went back to low thyroid symptoms.

  17. I take lots of supplements, ndt, ldn, no dairy, corn or gluten, and feel the best I have my whole life. Hashis will never go away, you just learn to manage it. And lots of sleep!

  18. I am reasonably healthy, never really had serious symptoms from my Hashimoto’s. It’s minor annoyances like dry eyes, not sleeping well, IBS but not really sure if these are directly related to the disease.

  19. any solution for the dry eyes– I have the same problem–Trevor L.Cameron- and what is IBS?

  20. Carrie Vitt says she reversed her Hashimoto’s. I rented her book and there are wonderful recipes in there. It’s a great story. Maybe it can help you too.

  21. thank you Karin –very kind of you–(y)

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