Not recommended for COMT mutations?


Who can help me understand why magnesium glycinate is not recommended for COMT mutations? Apparently it impacts GABA production is this true? And what is the true impact of this?
I will be testing to see if I have this mutation but just read in another group that mag citrate/Malate combo should be used as glycinate can negatively affect those with this mutation

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  1. Are you testing through 23 and me?

  2. I have a COMT mutation and didn't know that.

  3. Glycinate can be an excitotoxin for people with methylation issues. Magnesium citrate is NOT recommended in this group.

  4. So what symptoms do such people with this mutation feel when they have mg glycinate?

  5. I'm homozygous for 2 COMT mutations. I've been taking glycinate since having bubs and been putting on weight consistently and loose stools. It makes me hyper and anxious and if I lay down after taking it I can feel my heart beating really loudly. Wonder if that's why. Last time I tried Malate it gave me loose stools. Oxide doesn't seem to give me a problem but maybe I will try Malate again. Does this mean that L-Glutamine is also a bad thing to take?

  6. Dana Trout- on last Cancer summit 2016, I heard that L-Glutamine cause CANCER.

  7. I stopped taking it a few months ago as I wasn't sure if it was dong me any good

  8. This is so interesting. Does anyone know about issues with magnesium threonate with COMT mutations or have any thoughts on if they would interact badly?

  9. Glycinate is active and can cause issues with COMT regulation.

    Theronate crosses the blood brain barrier.

    I find many with COMT do well on malate.

  10. I don't buy this across the board for everyone with COMT mutations. I've got tons of homo COMT mutations and tolerate glycinate great. I did react once but it's cuz I accidentally took two very large doses close together when I was new to it

  11. Compound hetero for COMT. Did not do well on glycinate.

  12. COMT is the gene that breaks down and regulates hormones. In a nutshell.

  13. I find this really interesting. I stopped citrate and am now taking glycinate. I am now feeling anxious and have severe insomnia. I wake up at 1am feeling panicked and take 3 hrs to get back to sleep. I also have irregular pulse with palpitations. i was doing ok on citrate but stopped due to recommendation on here. Might have to do malate

  14. I vote for malate

  15. Glycine from Mag glycinate can either be calming or excitoxic, depending on what state your body is in. It either will team up with glutamate and be excitoxic (if glutamate is dominating) or it will team up with gaba and be calming. This is why it works for some and not for others in 'calming" …

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