Not to fellow celiac peers: don’t go to Burger King


Last night I got off work and had to head straight to church for our fall festival. I was starving. I stopped by our states dairy restaurant chain to ask for a burger in a lettuce wrap. “We don’t do that Maam.”
Me:”Why not?”
Braum’s: “Our lettuce is all shredded.”
So I drove on to check Burger King
Me:”I have Celiac disease and was wondering if you could wrap a burger in lettuce for me.”
Burger King: “No Maam.”
Me: “Why not?”
Burger King: “We only have shredded lettuce.”
By this point I was hungry and furious.
I went to Arby’s next and this time I went indoors.
To my pleasant surprise I found a young man who was what I would consider to be too young to know a thing about celiac and he was the most knowledgeable of everyone. He educated the other employees and they all (all the young kids) stopped production, cleaned off counters and put beef in a box for me. God bless those kids, especially the one who knew what gluten was and was able to help me and educate his coworker’s.
Not to fellow celiac peers: don’t go to Burger King!

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  1. I have no issue with Burger King they put it in a container

  2. I just say no bun at places and if they question it I gladly tell them why. I will get my burger on lettuce that looks like a salad a lot and that’s okay.

  3. I used to order just the patties from burger king when I was preg and had gestional diabetes ….never had an issue

  4. FYI: The whopper junior patties have wheat IN the patties at BK. It’s not safe. My daughter works there and she told me.

  5. Good for you! Glad you finally got help, it’s so nice when that happens, although it’s rare.

  6. Thank you!

  7. Most fast food restaurants add Gluten as a filler to burgers, chicken, and roll their french fries in it. Stay Clear. “Made WITH 100%….” means that up to 15% can be Gluten. (taco bell uses soy)

  8. Im sick at mcdonald even without a bun and not eating their fries. I concluded that there is gluten in the beef to make it stick together…

  9. Sorry…maybe you got some short sighted people.

  10. If you have celiac disease do not eat at a fast food restaurant ever. The chances of cross-contamination are extremely high. Happy you got some food but please be careful.

  11. I have to say I’™ve had very bad reactions to anything at Burger King. And there grilled chicken was so dry made me wish I made my own at home lol.

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