Ok I’m about to make my first batch of mag ahol


Ok I’m about to make my first batch of mag ahol. I have the magnesium flakes and the 100 proof vodka. I noticed that in the files in said not use the glycerin if you have the 100 proof vodka. So my question is do I just mix the magnesium flakes and vodka only? Sorry not trying to be annoying but I won’t to make sure I’m doing it right. I need pain relief stat ???.

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  1. Going on memory here, but I thought it said to use glycerin if it's 100% proof …??

  2. Admittedly, it was months ago the last time I looked at the recipe.

  3. That probably explains the stickiness of it. I've been using glycerin and ever clear since it is 100 proof. Next time no glycerine. 🙂

  4. The vodka he's using is 100%, though….

  5. Searched the threads and MJ Hamp said: The glycerin slows down the evaporation of the alcohol so that the Mg is absorbed better, as I understand it. Needed with Everclear, not usually with vodka.

    Because vodka usually has glycerin already added. Maybe yours does, LJ Naville.

  6. what is this for??????? I know I would be tempted to drink the vodka???????

  7. I think Glycerin in Liquor is standard in non US countries? And not added in US…

  8. I found it slippery, slick.

  9. Karen Williams it is to replace magnesium oil

  10. It still is weird feeling on skin like I'm greasy/dirty and my legs need a shower. It's worth it though. 🙂

  11. Well I just used the 100 proof vodka and the magnesium flakes. I will see what it looks like later.

  12. I've put it other things, lotion, creme… Got ideas from Pinterest.

  13. Mg chloride flakes are highly hydroscopic (draws water from the air) and that may account for them feeling slippery when touching the flakes.

  14. Holly Gaskill, Mag oil or Magahol makes me feel the same way….. dirty.

  15. And now it's hot and humid, ugh it's worse. 🙂 Oh well…

  16. When I went to the liquor store there was a helpful clerk there that showed me around and explained that in the US they don't add glycerin to vodka. If they do add glycerin, they can't call it "vodka". The one I bought was in the Vodka area, was called "spirits" and had vodka listed as the main ingredient. Apparently glycerin gives it a different mouth feel that is nice. He said most other countries do put glycerin in their vodka. So if you live in the US, look for imported vodka, spirits, or add your own glycerin. 🙂

  17. BTW, the other day I saw a water squirt bottle next to my orchids so decided to give them a spritz. Days later I saw that the mist was still sitting on the plants. Turns out it wasn't water. 😉 It was mag-a-hol.

  18. Oops, Lita!

  19. just use whiskey for pain relief.. apply to injuries area..works great ..

  20. My son sprays it on all his orchids…they thrive on it

  21. I use mag-ahol twice a day. My skin prefers it to the mag oil. I use vodka but still add about 1/2 teas of glycerin. Makes my skin feel softer.

  22. Interesting, Jennifer Ann Wood that the alcohol isn't too harsh for the orchids.

  23. Probably a good idea to label all bottles.

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