Ok so here is a question for the ladies…


Ok so here is a question for the ladies…
Being a single male & wanting to get back into the dating scene, how / when do I explain this disease & it’s implications to a potential girlfriend without having her “run for the hills” ??

How do I say – if I cancel a date(s) it’s really not you it’s the Hashi’s, without sounding like a flake & suggesting that I’m not really interested in her or the date / dinner / etc.??

People who know me really well struggle to grasp what we all go through with Hashi’s & Hypo, so how can I expect someone who doesn’t really know me from a bar of soap to understand enough to be patient & give things a try??

Thank for any tips / hints

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  1. Just be honest and explain this damn illness best as you can. Hopefully she will understand.

  2. It’s good to know and not know about any illness but glad at times I didn’t know as much so I could be myself a little easier. One step at a time and do what is recommended now so you will get better and be as best you can be. This is coming from a 62-y/o wife/mom/grandma living away from family and friends because of husband’s job for a couple more years, adrenal fatigue, stress??!! Will be okay!!

  3. Be honest if she likes she will understand…

  4. Which of your behaviors are you attributing to your malfunctioning immune system/thyroid gland?

  5. Oh, i see. cancelling dates… Just say you are not feeling well and stuck in bed.

  6. Of course, finding someone who understands a chronic illness is a big plus!

  7. You learn to live with ti and feel the best you can and be thankful there is more hope now. I wish regular doctors had done more the antibody testing many years and lab that could have prevented immune system being attacked. If was younger, would go into naturopathic medicine myself. Government needs to hurry up and recognize it so insurance will cover it totally. I’ve gone this route since 1999 with the fibro because the one in charge of a fibro support group was out of her wheelchair teaching water aerobics. That’s all it takes for me!! Thomas, you are too young to be in bed. I wasn’t going to be disabled from anything. Don’t apologize to people, just explain not feeling well, what’s going on,and trying to get better. Keep that chin up, speaking from experience. I am on a very strict regimen with mine right now and hope to be better by the first of March. Yep, I’m writing a book and may some day. It could be worse and you not have anyone or resources to help you like in the old days!!

  8. I wouldn’t share it right away. Give it a few dates to make sure she is someone you would like to share your private life with! Most people just don’t get it. It’s not like she will catch it or anything.

  9. Peraonally, I don’t see how my hashi’s would ever interrupt my dating life. I could see how the disease that hashimoto’s is secondary to, causing more issues. But millions of people have this disease, yet you’d never know. People don’t feel good, and normal people wouldn’t take that personally…hashimoto’s or otherwise. If she does take it personally, that’s probably not the type of woman you would like to be around either and should have you “running for the hills”.

  10. could you try meeting in places that won’t be as likely to induce anxiety? have you tried any significant diet alterations? i agree with karla – i have a tendency to share my worst bits first if i like somebody but i am learning to pace myself 🙂 don’t give up!!! there is a lady who will admire your courage and above all – YOU!

  11. do you live in an area with environmental toxins? my counselor actually told me to consider moving away from Pittsburgh b/c autoimmune problems are notorious here b/c of the lack of sunlight (less D) and residual environmental toxins/hazardous waste… sounds crazy i know, but when i visited the new mexico desert for a few weeks i felt the best that i have in YEARS

  12. I just checked out this guys FB page and I think he is a scammer. No pictures, no posts. Beware!

  13. Sounds like you need it treated better. It should not be limited you or holding you back in any way if you’re being treated right and right med, dose, diet, etc…

  14. Terry Ann Ryan I’ll happily accept you as a friend if you want to have a look at my FB page as I like my privacy & my FB page is not open to the public……..

  15. And pray tell Terry Ann Ryan how am I “scamming” by asking a personal question pertinent to me on this group?? Feel free to search back through the group posts to see my other comments supporting others in this group………..

  16. It’s ok James.. I had my account locked-down and people thought I was fake before.. I loosened it up a little, but shouldn’t have for random internet people.

  17. I have learned not to make things all or nothing. I would NOT bring up hashi for a while, get to know the person first, phone calls, 1 hour meetings, go slow. Then in due time you’ll know if you can be vulnerable and share intimate things. Most of all have fun and be your self! Best of luck!

  18. Heck if you get serious add her to this group so she knows your struggle

  19. First date shouldn’t be place to discuss first off.

  20. Hey, I just want to mention that I am proud of how far I’ve come from barely being able to get out of bed to now playing tennis for 2 – 3 hours 4 times a week. Yesterday, I had extra energy so I helped my neighbor (Kathy, a holistic doctor) take leaves for a couple of hours. This is a health miracle so I am proud to tell people I have Hashimoto’s disease. It is who I am.

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