Okay ladies on the depo shot. Gotta question.


Okay ladies on the depo shot. Gotta question.
Do you use any other form of protection with your shot, like condoms or spermicide?

Leading up to my question:
I’ve been on the Depo shot for over 2 years now, haven’t missed a single shot and have no more periods since I started the shot (yay!) . Me and my S.O use male condoms along with me having my Depo. We have been wanting to be more intimate and closer and stop using condoms and instead use Spermicide with my shot. He wants to “finish” inside me, and not pull out. But I’m just paranoid about getting pregnant even knowing the depo only has a 0.02% failure rate. Has anyone on the depo shot AND used spermicide let their partner finish inside without any scares? Any experiences would be appreciated!

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  1. But it's not just the infertility directly – the fact that the stuff has the power to make you infertile is disgusting, so God knows what else it's doing to your body. I wouldn't touch the shot with a 10 foot stick. I like having a healthy body.

  2. My doctor has told me what all it could do to me.
    The whole kid thing doesnt bother me cause I never want kids and I'm not physically supposed to. I just was curious if anyone else on the shot didn't use condoms, used spermicide with it and have no scares. Hearing other womens' stories helps a little!

  3. I don't think anyone here was saying it doesn't work. I mean, it isn't 100% effective, but it works. It's just not good for you in the slightest and has made a lot of people unhappy when they realise they might not be able to have children for up to – and sometimes over – 2 years after discontinuing it.

  4. Before anyone attacks…..been on depo five years. The last for me and my man didn't use anything other then Me being on the shot….so it does work

  5. But again, I do thank you all for your comments on this post. I will talk to my doctor about implant, and see if I can get a different opinion from another doctor if it will work with me. Thank you kind gals!

  6. Honestly I would love to get a tubal ligation. Since I can't (and don't want to) have kids, I think that would be the best suit-solution based in my anatomy problems (aside from the S.O getting a Vasectomy which is less expensive and way less invasive) . I just have to search and find a doctor that understands my situations, and that will agree to do this surgery (that I willingly want.)

  7. Also like one personal anecdote doesn't change the fact that the arm implant is 99.9% effective for hundreds of thousands of women. Like Depo should really not be a choice at all and it's honestly quite frustrating that you're so insistent on it, even though all these other methods are safer and you seem to be pretty concerned about your health. I don't get it

  8. Also, my mom -Rip-was on the patch and she became pregnant with all three of is girls. Not only the fact of the unsaid reasons doctors told me why it wouldn't be ideal in my situation, but another factor that sways me away from the Rod in the arm is I first-handed witnessed a good friend of mine have hers cut out, due to her muscle in her arm growing over the rod and it having to be surgically removed.
    I do appreciate you all giving me different methods of contraceptives, but for the unsaid reasons, my options are pretty slim.

  9. Well i agree you should get off the depo because of the bone problems. Its not going to help…you could put an alarm or a note where you will see it and take the birth control pill.. which is safer.

  10. I don't feel comfortable with the patch or the rod. I've talked to several doctors about it as an option, and all three doctors said it would not be a good idea for me (personally for reasons I feel uncomfortable mentioning on here).

  11. Im going to get off depo and ive never like the fact about the bone stuff. Why dont you try the Patch? Allyson Cline

  12. But seriously it's like if you care about your long term health at all you really need to stop the Depo. It's like even though infertility is apparently not an issue for you the fact that it causes infertility is a huge red flag that the stuff is poison

  13. I think you would like arm implant

  14. But, I do not want to get too carried away and off topic here!

  15. I'm not sure. All I know is the doctors I've talked to said it is pretty bad and I do t new to have kids. Which, again, I never once thought about having kids (I do not want that responsibility and lack that maternal instinct,) and just do not simply want to go through the physical pain of pregnancy and birthing.
    All in all, I need to find -or be referred to- a good doctor that'll listen and have a tubal ligation schedueled. I've been having tough run a rounds with doctors.

  16. And again no need for such extreme methods because like arm implant, condoms, sponge, diaphragm, cervical cap, Nuvaring, patch, or even being diligent about pills is far safer and just as effective as Depo or even surgery. And just like it's your choice about what happens to your body – it's your partner's choice about what happens to his too. I would be hella mad if my partner told me to just have a surgery to cut my -ish out.

  17. Expulsion doesn't cause that. Are you sure that it was an expulsion and not a perforation? I think you would benefit from a second opinion. Plus uteruses like any other body part heal.

  18. And, I already had two talks (that both turned into arguments) about my S.O getting a Vasectomy. He's not for it. He won't even talk to a Urologist just to get the facts and just consider it..
    — He's a wimp when it comes to "manly parts" *boo hoo* —
    And since I cannot get past the second month of pregnancy safely without facing risks of death (thanks to Mirena shredding my uterus), i can't safely have kids, even though I never wanted kids anyway!
    Even with that in my situation, I cannot find a doctor that will tie my tubes and/or take my uterus out. You would think they would knowing if I got pregnant it can kill me.

  19. So many options that are safer than Depo. Whatever it's your fertility and bone density and overall health I guess but it's really not safe at all to continue use after 2 years and you need to stop now

  20. Condoms + sponge

  21. I've already done the Mirena In 2012, it tore my uterus up after only 6 months when it fell out of place, so I cannot (and will not) ever do that again even if I wanted to. I hate to say, but I am forgetful from time to time and I don't want to take the pill for that reason in itself. Any other IUD I cannot have.

  22. As for protection against pregnancy that's really up to you and your partner. Sex should be enjoyable and not worrisome. If not pulling out is going to stress you out then sex isn't going to be pleasurable. Do what you need to do to feel comfortable in your protection – there is no shame in using 2 methods.

  23. …but the shot is not "safe". Even the manufacturers tell you not to use their own product after 2 years of use. You really need to start thinking about another method because you've already passed the 2 year mark. Vitamin D and calcium supplements will only go so far. The progestin in Depo acts like a steroid and will linger in your fat stores in your body long after you discontinue use. You really need to consider another option.

  24. Well, I already have bad knees, and my back is perminately messed up from a horseback riding accident that happened when I was training a horse. But sometimes my shins feel wobbly and my elbows ache a little but it's not too bad. I take vitamins and drink milk to help reduce bone density and muscle mass loss. Plus I kinda work out time to time too to help keep my muscles tone.

  25. The only thing my doctor have told me is to use condom and maybe the spermicide in the first 2 weeks of every time i go back and get the shot again. But i dont and im not pregnant. Do you ever get bone pain? Like your knees hurting or your legs? Back?

  26. Alright. I just wanted to get as much info and stories as I possibly could! I'm just kinda paranoid even though I know the shot is pretty safe

  27. The pullout yes. But in some rare occasions he may not. And im still not pregnant. I think you should be okay thats what birth control is for. But some reccomend it to be super safe.

  28. Joyceline Perez you don't use anything else with it, just the shot alone (and no pullout)?

  29. I am on depo shot and never have gotten pregnant by being on it. Its been like 1 yr and a half on it.

  30. I just hear horror stories about some women getting pregnant on depo. I don't know if that's from "typical use" or actual "perfect use".

  31. Roz Thompson I'm Not sure why she did either but she was helpful in giving me her experience. And I take vitamin supplements to help prevent bone density and muscle mass loss since I have been on it for over 2 years. I just wanna be double safe and have another backup method, so if I use spermicide with depo I am good to go with no scares?

  32. I know. It wasn't anything bad at all, so im not sure why she deleted them.

  33. Weird. It's a shame, because there could be other women who would benefit from the information she gave.

  34. I read it earlier, it seems the other poster deleted her comments, she had just said she didn't have any scares

  35. Also weird yeah I can't see who you are talking to either.

  36. Depo is so effective that it can even cause infertility for up to 18+ months after discontinuing it. It's also not a great method – it's pretty awful and you should choose something else. Many countries are working on banning it and Depo warns users not to continue it after 2 years of use to avoid bone density loss and early Depo induced onset of osteoporosis. If you are interested in no periods consider mini pill, hormonal IUD, arm implant, or using a combined hormonal method continuously.

  37. Allyson Cline who are/were you talking to? I can't see anyone and just making sure I haven't been blocked by anyone, since that's one of the rules of the group.
    To answer the question – you don't need to use extra protection if you don't want to. Getting pregnant on the depo is very very rare. You'll be fine, especially if you are using spermicide too. I'm on the pill and rarely bother with a condom with my partner – only when we can't be bothered with the mess.

  38. Awesome! We may try it soon with spermicide instead of condoms. Hopefully if it is pretty good on it's own, it will be really good with a backup! I wanna experience that, just wanna be safer with two thing than just one!

  39. No scares at all?

  40. Yeah that's my problem girl. But I really don't have any side effects anymore thankfully! I just don't know how well protected I am with constant use of Depo shot and use spermicide instead of condoms and him not pull out.
    If you don't mind me asking, did you use anything other than your shot as a backup, or just depended on the shot alone?

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