Old mom and calcium supplements?


Okay, so I have a question. Is it necessary for my 80 hear
old mom to take calcium supplements? Now i
am hearing that they are not necessary. Ugh!

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Answers ( No )


  2. I'm not sure I'd be so quick to say "she must". Is she deficient? Has she had hair/mineral analysis or other bloodwork showing she needs to supplement? Does she have osteoporosis or other issues?

  3. The evening news tonight said studies show we should not take them. This group says no to them also.

  4. No calcium supplements

  5. Calcium supplements are dangerous. Get calcium from food

  6. What most really need is more Magnesium plus Boron and silica.

  7. Thank you everyone!!

  8. I am having same problem with my Mum's doc..

  9. Omg! My 84 yr old mum was prescribed that by new doc this month. I make her throw it out. Today radio programme saying it is useless! She rang me!! But not telling the dangers! ( shaking my head)!!

  10. My fathers dr has prescribed them

  11. *MOST* people get adequate calcium from diet and don't need any in supplemental form. A few individuals DO need some supplemental calcium for specific medical reasons, as evidenced by their blood test results. Those people should take calcium once a day plus magnesium several times a day.

  12. Today on the news they indicated that taking calcium does not prevent osteo or bone fractures. Strengthening them is the best way for that. Just heard this today.

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