Omg Borax causing brain fog?!


Omg Borax causing brain fog?! OH YEAH! Yay for detoxing! I have NEVER had brain fog this bad before ! The other day I tried to remove my eye makeup with antibacterial soap (ummmmm ouch!). I’m trying to put clean dishes away in the fridge lol. DONT be surprised if I brush my teeth tonight with shaving cream! ??????

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  1. Just don't try to shave with toothpaste. Better yet, don't handle sharp objects at all until the brain fog clears up!

  2. Haha!! Right?!? And I'm a manicurist! I work with sharp objects and a drill!

  3. So the increase in anxiety/sedation when using borax is just detox?

  4. Is that a symptom you're experiencing Carolyn Karna? Borax detoxes candida and candida die off definitely causes brain fog and can cause anxiety too I believe. 🙁

  5. Yes, I get that plus irritated. So I backed off, but maybe I'll try to push through. Cream of tarter has been giving me the same kind of drunk feel too?

  6. Oh yeah. I've got excess calcium so I'm trying to balance it and regulating calcium can cause issues as well (stupid D) :/

  7. I do too! My blood calcium has been on and off elevated, and a elevated pth. Can borax toy with that?

  8. No borax helps! But it can make you feel a little off while it is pulling calcium out of the soft tissues to put it into the bones and teeth where it belongs. A boron deficiency directly affects the parathyroid so you're on the right track! May I ask what symptoms you have??

  9. When multiple docs tried to put me on vitamin D…I felt so drunk I couldn't walk, bloody noses, anxiety, low blood sugar. I stopped even though my doctors kept trying to cram it down my throat. Now I know it was only increasing my calcium levels 🙁 Thank God for Morely! Can I ask your symptoms? How much borax do you do a day? My HTMA calcium was low though.

  10. Can you take activated charcoal? Or bentonite clay to absorb any of the toxins/candida die off waste?

  11. Carolyn Karna oh my I can relate! Within THREE days of 20,000iu a day of D I started having God awful symptoms! Some are gone but a lot are still here I'm trying to resolve.

    -frequent day and night urination
    -horrific insomnia (somewhat better)
    -tremors of my hands (gone)
    -tinnitus (mostly gone)
    -racing thoughts
    -poor appetite
    -major anxiety esp upon waking (gone)
    -air hunger
    -muscle pain (gone)
    -vertigo (gone)
    -night sweats

    Magnesium helped a bit but I just realized how important boron and vitamin K2 are for it!

  12. I take almost 1/8tsp borax a day.

  13. 20,000 IU???? Oh my, my symptoms start at just 1,000iu's….I'm so sorry 🙁 And YES!!! the racing thoughts,ect….hell! 🙁 I've been doing about a tablespoon worth of borax in baths…maybe I'm doing too much(My HTMA showed low tho)? Vitamin K2(drop form) was another that caused nose bleeds/brain fog for me, but can I ask what brand works for you? I do understand the importance of k2 so I'm glad it's working for you 😉

  14. I experienced brain fog every day I have taken it plus during the parasite cleanse. Still kinda cloudy

  15. Kevin Kirkpatrick

  16. Not certain that k2 is suggested by mag man…..I believe I asked and was told no….

  17. Reading this I've had an epiphany… Started all the cofactors (including trace amounts of Borax to start) with mag in February… Oh my goodness, I feel like I've gone from worse to worst!! Brain fog, vertigo, dizziness so bad I want to black out every time I stand up, heavy limbs, can hardly climb stairs…. The list goes on. I attributed it to my usual post Christmas bout of 'sads' I get every year but this has been different. But now I can see I'm not just losing my mind. I ordered the HMTA–sat on the fence for awhile on that one but feel huge relieve now that the decision is made
    Wish me luck!

  18. Can someone please clarify, I just started borax (1/8tsp) in one Liter of water and drank the whole bottle in 1/2 a day!! Was I supposed to space that out more? Or was that considered the "concentrate" that was to be used to put in glass of water? I'm confused 1/8 is so little an amount …am I wrong?

  19. Elizabeth Rabago

  20. For those of you thinking about significantly increasing your dose of boron, the video above with Jorge Flechas states that women of child bearing age shouldn't take anymore than 30mg per day. Otherwise, it could result in miscarriage.

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