OMG! Just tried the adrenal cocktail. Why is it so vile??


OMG! Just tried the adrenal cocktail.

Why is it so vile?? 😮 All I’m tasting is salt…

Yes, I have used good quality sea salt and followed the recipe from here.

I read somewhere that for people not deficient in sodium salt tastes saltier. I do have more salt in my diet than I probably should have.

Can I cut the sea salt in the adrenal cocktail down or is that going to ruin all the balance?

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  1. I used finely ground pink Himalayan sea salt and just chug it!

  2. I must be a freak cuz I luv the taste of the cocktail.

  3. To me it taste like "man fluid"

  4. I use 1/4 teaspoon each Himalayan pink salt and the sweetener Pure. It's a stevia based sweetener recommend by trim healthy momma.

  5. Ugh! I hate the salt too!

  6. Reduce the salt

  7. I like it. Lol

  8. I put it in capsules

  9. It's different than we're used to or expecting but I'd suggest you stay at it, you'll get used to it. I like it so much now that I don't like my O.J. without it, it tastes too sweet.

  10. I loved it because of the salt

  11. It tastes so much better in fresh lemon juice that's been watered down a bit. The salty goes with the sour taste better than the sweet taste, imo.

  12. I started with not from concentrate OJ. Then tried some frozen fresh stuff from our orange tree. WAY BETTER IF FRESH! Still salty but the real juice makes a big difference for me because bottled is harsh.

  13. Sea salt and sodium are not equal.

  14. It reminds me of sports drinks in taste (which I don't care for)
    So maybe that's a way to think about it. Mind over matter. It's just Gatorade (but much better for you)

  15. What is in the adrenal cocktail?

  16. The next one will be better.

  17. I love it!

  18. I just put the salt and pot. on my tongue, swallow with the first mouthful of orange, and then just enjoy the juice on its own.

  19. Something of interest…I've been travelling and so I'm away from my normal food and routine. The food I have access to here is waaaaay more sugary than I normally have (even with generally good choices by us)…my normal adrenal cocktail combination (with ingredients brought from home except the carbonated water and fresh lemon I normally use – I've just been taking it in water and with a dash of soft drink if we have some available)…… is now tasting vile and sooooo salty.

    Food we brought from home that tasted fine there tasted ridiculously salty when we tried it after at least a week away from our normal food.

    It may take time to find what works for you and how to make it more palatable. Both hubby and I have still been needing the salts (more than normal I think!).

  20. I didn't like it to start with but now I can chug it down. Orange juice hurts my stomach so I use coconut water and take my wholefood capsules with it. Didn't care much for the coconut water initially but it does get easier and becomes second nature.I started off with 1/8 tsp of salt

  21. Yep, it's salty, but I got used to it. I follow the recipe the way it is with no substitutes. I figured the recipe was designed this way for a reason and I will not mess with it.

  22. I doubled the juice & it doesn't taste that bad. I need the salt so the best option was to double the juice.

  23. My rings are stuck on my fingers, I have instep in my feet.
    I am so swollen.
    Can I eliminate the salt?

  24. Morley himself suggested I replace the juice with the coconut water so it can be tweaked to suit. I couldn't tolerate the full amounts of salt to start with so had to build up.

  25. I find it delicious

  26. I like it, then again I love salt I like to use the real Salt for mine

  27. I love it too! I use 1 tsp of Camu Camu, 1/4 of cream of Tartar, 1/4 oh pink Himalayan salt in 4 oz. of R.O. water.

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