Oral mag that does not cause diarrhea?


Hey folks—still trying to find an oral form of magnesium that I can tolerate?? Citrate and Glycinate won’t work…Jigssaw also gave me the runs….pre-mag caused diarrhea too –epsom salt baths and transdermal mag lowered my magnesium RBC….has anyone found a form of oral mag that does not cause diarrhea?

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  1. Why don't you try topical Mag-A-Hol? It's not oral so won't mess up digestive tract.

  2. Ionic 🙂

  3. Magnesium Lactate from Standard process.

  4. Are you taking too much mag? Does your daily food intake of mag meet your needs already? happens rarely but on occasion . Maybe the supplements contain binders or fillers your GI tract doesnt like like starch or cellulose or gums?

  5. I would recommend magnesium l-threonate. It's rather expensive; but I've seen convincing evidence that it has the highest bioavailability of any magnesium compound, meaning that less magnesium will remain in your digestive track and cause gastrointestinal side-effects.

  6. I take re-mag ️it!!

  7. Are you taking too much? Have you tried a time release kind?

  8. Doubt I am low—Mag RBC is 4.5 tried taking small doses throughout the day—did not work. Pure Encaps Glycinate has no fillers…

  9. Will try ionic….

  10. Eat raw hulless pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, dark chocolate and seaweed. All high in Mg and low in Ca.

  11. Thanks MJ!! I try to avoid all PUFA so seeds will not work. I can tell you that PUFA avoidance and vitamin A has allowed me to sit in the sun for an hour without burning. Used to burn quickly and easily

  12. Kelp and kelp powder

  13. Mike Adams. You may rethink that transdermal application is worthless! I have applied many nitro-glycerine patches in care homes on patients !

  14. I take Mega Mag by Trace minerals.

    What dose of ReMag did you take that upset your bowels?

    I started low and built up to 800mg per day with no issues

  15. Magnesium Orotate. You don't have to take as many to get the same dose. I've had problems with the same ones you did but orotate gives me no problems. Advanced Research and GRL make good ones.

  16. I got my mag up by taking Grown by Nature Magnesium – it's a whole food supplement.

  17. Are you low in mag or why are you taking it? I ask because mag gives me runs and it turned out I was not low / do not have the gene mutation inhibiting mag absorption. Maybe you get the runs, because you're not low?

  18. I'm surprised Epsom salt would lower, did the baths include baking soda?

  19. yes tgis is the first time I have ever heard of epsom salt baths/lotion lowering your RBC mag levels? anyone else?

  20. Threonate?

  21. From what I've gathered, I understood that Epson salt baths with boron are also " cofactors" . Many add baking soda as well.

  22. I'd switch to transdermal if all those forms of magnesium cause GI issues

  23. Mike Adams I had the same problem as you. I've literally tried every Mag out there, including the Ionic ones. Every one gave me diarrhea. I finally found one by my previous doctor and while it must be ordered through a practitioner/doctor, it's the only one I can tolerate and I take 3 – 3 times a day. It also has B-6 in it, which is one of the co-factors of Mag.


    It's pricey at retail, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy it at cost directly from the company. Your other option is this one, though it doesn't have any B6 in it:


  24. Another option is the cell salt, Mag Phos 6X

  25. Malate is good for me

  26. cocoa

  27. Maybe someone else can give some insight, but I've always wondered of the mag "runs" are a function of something OTHER than the Magnesium itself….Fir example (any of the followong): Too much C (or ascorbic acid instead of whole food C?), insufficient or alternatively too much of the cofactors, digestive issues (leaky gut? Low hcl? Insufficient fiber in the diet? Too much fiber? Parasites?), low Iron (ceruloplasm? I'll admit I don't completely have my mi d wrapped around the whole iron/ceruloplasm thing yet, lol!), electrolyte imbalance, etc. It seems to me that if a body is low in Mag and yet doesn't tolerate supplementation that there must be something else off too!

  28. mag lactade

  29. Thanks so much for all your suggestions folks—very helpful–ionic magnesium—i could feel the effects within an hour—very calming —deep sleep….!!

  30. Picomag.esium. Absorbed directly into the cells. Endorsed by Dr. Carolyn Dean. I'm about to get and try some.

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